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The purpose of this scoring system is to provide a fair measure of performance through the age and gender categories and between the five events. This was not happening under the old system of using the IAAF Women's Tables.

Target points for each age gender category is the average score per event from top ten pentathlon results in the 1998 JD Best Performance Book rounded and smoothed to reflect a logical progression through age and gender categories. Similarly, Target Performances are top ten average top ten pentathlon performances.

Equivalent performance has been calculated for the new events (i.e. 4 pound shot put, 3 kg shot put and 60 metre hurdles) based on available empirical evidence and best judgment.

The tables will be evaluated annually by the JD Committee to ensure they reflect current levels of pentathlon performance and meet their intended purpose.

The JD Committee will provide a computer model in, for example, EXCEL to clubs hosting JD Pentathlon meets.


Points = INT ( a * ( m - b ) c )
(rounded to nearest 5 points)
a 12.07608
b 17.93
c 1.835
m = performance in seconds
  • Constant "b" represents performances deemed to result in zero points.
  • Constant "c" is the IAAF value, reflecting the shape of the event performance curves through their statisticians' analysis of thousands of multi event results.
  • Constant "a" is solved for the Targets, 
    i.e. Target Points / ( ABS ( b - Target Performance ) c )

- Brian Foan
  7th April, 2000

Individual tables are provided as Excel worksheets -- if your do not have Excel on your system, use the PDF versions listed beside (get free Adobe Acrobat Reader here).

Index for printed tables (PDF)
Girls Boys
Age 9  |  PDF
10  |  PDF
11  |  PDF
12  |  PDF
13  |  PDF
14-15  |  PDF
Age 9  |  PDF
10  |  PDF
11  |  PDF
12  |  PDF
13  |  PDF
14-15  |  PDF
All Girls (PDF)
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All Boys (PDF)
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