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The original purpose of this handbook is to co-ordinate all of the information about the three Junior Development Championship Meets [Track & Field, Multi-Events or Pentathlon, and Cross Country Championships]. As the Manual developed it was decided to expand the handbook to include information that could be used by any club hosting a Junior Development Track and Field, Cross Country or Multi-Event meet.

In addition the information contained in the handbook can be used at any Junior Development Track and Field Meet.

This information will be available through the BC Athletics website to all clubs registered with BC Athletics.

The information has been adapted throughout the years by the JD Committee and has been collected from the notes and minutes of this committee.

It is hoped that this information will help to eliminate any problems that could occur at these meets.

Not all of the information contained in this manual can be used for general Junior Development track and field meets, cross country races and multi-events meets.

This symbol will indicate rules that only apply to Championship Events.

Note: The rules governing the sport of Athletics are those of the IAAF, Athletics Canada, and BC Athletics. Some of the following rules have been amended to meet the philosophies of the Junior Development Age Group:

Original Version: February 1995
Latest Revision: January 2009

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