BC Athletics JD Manual

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6.1 Jury of Appeal
6.2 Protests
6.3 Results
6.4 Scratches

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If a qualified Jury of Appeal is not available at a Championship Meet then one is to be set up by the host organization if it should become necessary. This jury shall consist of one official and two coaches.

Members of the Jury of Appeal must not work as officials at the meet.


Protests must be submitted in writing to the Chief of Officials and the Jury of Appeal within 30 minutes of the posting of the results of the event concerned.

Coaches should attempt to resolve the protest with the Head Referee or the Meet Director before presenting it as an official protest to the Jury of Appeal.

A $25.00 protest fee is to accompany all protests. This amount will be reviewed yearly by the Junior Development committee.

Athletes are not to attempt to resolve conflicts on their own. They may work through the process with the official and their coach but are not to instigate protests with their parents or friends.

Any protest must be dealt with as soon as possible after it has been received.

If the protest is upheld then the protest fee will be returned.


Results are to be posted as soon as possible after an event has been completed. Both heat and final results are to be posted.

Officials at field events are to send results in as each age category completes its event. Field event officials are not to hold on to results until their officiating shift is over.

If an athlete is scoring close to a Top Ten record in a jump or throw event, then a qualified official is required to verify the result. If no qualified official is present, then the volunteer officials at the event are to measure the result twice. If an outstanding vertical jump has been achieved then officials should not rake the pit until the jump has been re-measured. The jumps officials will check the height of the cross bar in high jump and pole vault before any jumps are attempted at a new height.

Top Ten records from the previous year's Personal Best Book are to be noted on each event sheet so that the meet officials are aware when an athlete is nearing or has reached a record. Midget records should also be included.

Result sheets must include:

  • whether or not photo-electronic timing was used
  • whether or not hand timing was used
  • weights of implements for each event
  • results in tenths (13.2) if photo-electronic timing is not used
  • Top Ten Records and ranges
  • athletes listed by year, gender, and age
  • number of throws or jumps allowed per athlete

Athletes competing in a track final are to be notified by announcement as well as on the results board.

Copies of the meet results are to be sent to the following groups within 2 weeks of the end of the meet:

  • all competing clubs (may be club results)
  • BC Athletics office (one copy single sided with pages not stapled; or on disk)
  • BC Athletics website (results in Hy-Tek on disk; see Results Index for formatting rules)
  • Personal Best Book statistician (meet backup disk on Hy-Tek and a hard copy of the meet results)
  • e-mail and website results are now accepted as results notification


All scratches must be taken to the marshaling area for track events and to the officials at the appropriate field event.

Coaches or club representatives are responsible for athletes withdrawing from an event.

If an athlete scratches for a medical reason, the athlete must receive a medical assessment from the medical staff before returning to the meet.

Pre-existing injuries requiring taping, braces, etc., must be checked prior to each day's events.

Athletes failing to show before the completion of Round 1 of an event are an automatic scratch and are not permitted into any further rounds of that event.

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