Note: Please submit this survey by Monday, April 11, 2005.

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1. Please provide some general information about your race:

Name of race:
Location of race:
How many years has your race been in existence?
Race distances offered: specify km or mi
Number of participants (please estimate if not known)
Other general info about your race:

2. Is an individual membership with your Branch required for a sanctioned road race?  Yes   No

If yes, what are the fees?

3. Is your course measured and certified?   Yes   No

If yes, who is your course certified by?

4. Are you a member of AIMS?  Yes   No

5. Do you obtain a road race sanction?  Yes   No

If yes, from: your provincial branch? or
Athletics Canada?

6. Is insurance included in your sanction fee?  Yes   No

If yes, is the cost competitive with external options? Yes   No
Is the insurance optional? Yes   No

7. What is your objective for obtaining a sanction?

8. What benefits would you like to see from a sanction?

9. Are the benefits of a sanction clearly indicated to you, the race organizer and the general racing public? If yes, where and how?

10. Is officiating included with your sanction?  Yes   No

Do you require officiating? Yes   No
If yes, please outline the provided officiating and your needs (pre-race, race day, post-race):

11. What is the cost of your sanction?

12. Do you feel that you receive fair value for this fee?

13. Do you feel that the value can be enhanced?  Yes   No

If yes, how?

14. Do you have an elite component to your race?  Yes   No

Do International elite athletes participate in your race? Yes   No

15. Do you offer prize money?  Yes   No

If yes, please outline the prize money structure:
If yes, do you conduct drug testing at your race? Yes   No

16. Please provide any other suggestions, ideas or models that you are familiar with or may have to assist in determining the future of road race sanctioning in Canada:

17. Your name and contact details:

Full Name:
Contact phone (day):
Contact phone (eve):
Mailing Address:
Province: use 2-letter abbreviation
Postal Code