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BC Athletics Registrar Bulletin

# 2009-01:  November 11, 2008


The 2009 membership officially began on October 1st 2008 with those new or renewing members who were not members in 2008 getting a 15 month membership valid for the remainder of 2008 and all of 2009. Current 2008 members can also renew their memberships for 2009 beginning October 1st each year.

Registrars who haven't done so will need to get their "2009 BC Athletics Club Registrar Waiver Form" in to BC Athletics in order to have access to ACDirect. Once the waiver is received in the BC Athletics office you will have access to ACDirect again and will be asked to renew with a different password.


2009 BC Athletics Club membership renewals are due December 31, 2009. Club memberships run from January 1st to December 31st each year.

There has been confusion in the past as to what the membership period is. The insurance coverage which is a benefit of club membership allows for a 3 month grace period to March 31st each year. However the actual membership period for a club is January 1st to December 31st.

This is not clear in the BC Athletics Operating Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations will be amended to clarify the membership period.

2009 Club Membership forms are now available - 


Please take time to review your 2008 club roster and make any corrections or changes that are needed as quickly as possible and prior to December 31, 2008.

There are a number of individuals on the system with more than one ACDirect/BCA number. They were renewed incorrectly and instead of renewing their existing ACDirect/BCA membership number - a new membership number was created.

This can happen when:

  • Individuals sign up using a variation of their name - ie: Sam Collier and/or Samantha Collier.
  • Individuals move from one province to the other
  • Individuals renew after not being an active member for a year or more

It is VERY important that individuals on the system have one number from the time they first sign up on through their years as a member. Results and performances need to be readily accessible under one membership number. Members will have problems entering some events if the membership number they enter with is not the one the system recognizes. As the ACDirect on-line system grows and more information is available for members - the need for everyone to have one identifying number increases.

Please take some time and go over your roster to see if anyone does have more than one membership identifier on the system. You can do this by activating a "Search" on each member. Enter only their last name and the system will list everyone on ACDirect with that last name. You will then be able to look through the list to see if the person has a duplicate membership.

If you find individuals in this situation please send an email to giving the individual's name along with the various membership numbers they are registered on the system with and indicate which number should be kept. The BC Athletics office can then merge the memberships in to one number.

In order to avoid the problem in the future - use the Search function before entering someone if you suspect there may be a membership already on the system somewhere.


Registrars will probably find it easiest to enter memberships throughout the month and then create one invoice at the end of the month or at the same convenient time each month. The BC Athletics office will also take all "Outstanding Registrations" and create invoices for them on the last working day of each month. Whether the club Registrar or BC Athletics creates the invoice - it is due with one month of being created. Please monitor your invoices and make sure they are paid on time. Once invoices are paid the cards will be sent to the Registrars for distribution.

There are currently a few overdue invoices on the system - please go in and review your invoices and get any outstanding ones paid right away.

If, for some reason, the system shows the wrong amount owing on an invoice - please print out a copy of the invoice and make any corrections and notes and send it in with the payment. Most of the bugs have been worked out but sometimes there are glitches. The BC Athletics office is in constant contact with the programmer and if we're made aware of problems we'll get them corrected.

We are getting close to the end of the 2008 membership year - December 31 2008. All outstanding registrations on the system will be invoiced on November 30, 2008 and December 31, 2008. These invoices must be paid within 1 month of being created.


If a member belongs to a BC Athletics affiliated club and wants to transfer to another BC Athletics affiliated club mid-membership year - they will need to have an Application for Club Member Transfer form completed and submitted to BC Athletics. The individual member, the releasing club and the receiving club must all complete the form.

Once the form is sent in to BC Athletics the office will complete the transfer - make the necessary changes to ACDirect and notify all parties.

If an individual finishes of a membership year with one club and then signs up for the next year with a different club - nothing is required.

Application for Club Member Transfer - 


If an athlete wishes to have a 2nd claim club a "Declaration of 2nd Claim Status" form needs to be completed and on record at the BC Athletics office each year.

Declaration of 2nd Claim Club Status - 


Nomination forms for the 2008 BC Athletics Annual Awards are now available on the BC Athletics website in printable and on-line formats.

Nominations are due November 30, 2008 so please encourage club members to get their nominations in as quickly as possible.

A Nomination form must be completed in order for anyone to be considered for an award.

Forms are available at: 

Sam Collier
Manager - Registration & Membership Services
Ph: (604) 333-3556
Fax: (604) 333-3551