Island High Performance Throws Series #3 - Nanaimo

Date: May 16, 2021
Type: Track & Field
Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Contact name: Bernie Katzberg
Contact email:
Additional information:

High Performance Competitions Only - CSI-P

Throws Only


Registration is through for BC Identified High Performance Athletes only**. To be verified with BC Athletics supplied list

If Para athletes are registering please also contact, to ensure we can identify the right category for your section.

Meet Fees: Unlimited entry to events. Single Day - $22.50

Check the event schedule for event times. Start times listed are approximate and may be moved up 1/2 hour before listed time so please listen for announcements.

Event will begin at 2pm with Men’s hammer and move to discus and then shot put with a rolling schedule.

Weigh in begins at 1:30pm for the first event. Weigh ins will be completed just prior to each event beginning on the rolling schedule.

Competition Results