Officials are volunteers who play a vital role in providing safe, fair and efficiently run competitions in the sport of athletics—including track and field, cross-country and road racing events. Officials apply the sport rules to maintain integrity and enjoyment at all levels of competitions from local school and club-based events to provincial and national championships and international level competitions. Officials cover competitions involving athletes ranging from pre-teen to masters and from able bodied to para-athletes.

Officials come from all ages and walks of life with backgrounds ranging from current and retired athletes and coaches to parents of young athletes and others who are interested in the sport. Of the many reasons and benefits of being an official, the most common reasons include continuing to be involved in the sport; being part of an enjoyable and social community of like-minded individuals; and a chance to volunteer and develop new knowledge and skills.

Becoming an official is easy and straight forward. Professional level training and experience are provided to assist in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. Officials progress through a structured certification pathway that enables them to develop and take on additional responsibilities to a level that matches their interest and availability.

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Officials Committee Annual Report to the 2022 BC Athletics AGM - Updated 11/15/22

2023 Meet Schedule - PDF Mar 14, 2023

2023 Meet Schedule - XLSX April 7 2023

Officials Newsletter - April 2, 2023

NOC Approved N and N/C Meets - 2023 - Updated 5/29/23

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Upgrading Applications due September 15, 2023

Officials who have completed the requirements for upgrading to their next level should submit their application by September 15. Applications for upgrading to level 2 are submitted to while applications for upgrading to levels 3 to 5 are submitted to Cheryl Elke at: Details on upgrading requirements can be found on the “Pathways to Becoming An Official” tab.

   Recruiting within the Club System - webinar registration 

  Para events for JD Athletes - Officiating Considerations

World Athletics Rules

The latest version of the World Athletics competition and technical rules can be downloaded here:

World Para Athletics Rules

The latest version of the World Para Athletics rules and regulations can be downloaded here:

Athletics Canada Technical Rules

The latest version of the Athletics Canada technical rules can be downloaded here:


Renew your BC Athletics Membership for 2023!

Reminder to consider upgrading your level and/or adding a new discipline.  See the Upgrading and Certification tab for more information

Opportunities for Officiating within the Club Model

The BC Athletics Officials Committee invites clubs to offer training and development opportunities to their members to become BC Athletics officials through our B.C. Officials Class of 2023 program. The first two levels in the program, provided by Athletics Canada and the National Officials Committee, can be administered within the club and includes web-based training following by hands-on experience.

This is an excellent opportunity for clubs to develop officiating resources for their club meets. Clubs are encouraged to identify a point person who can work with the Officials Committee to implement the BC Officials Class of 2023 in their Club. More information is available in the PDF at this link.

Next steps? Please contact Marilyn Benz at:


2022 BC Athletics Officials Annual Meeting

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Officials Disciplines

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Pathways to becoming an Official

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Evaluators, Clinicians, Mentors


The Officials Certification Program, designed and maintained by Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee requires evaluators, clinicians and mentors to support the development of officials through the certification pathway. Information on becoming an evaluator, clinician and/or mentor is contained below.

Apply here to become an Evaluator (level 3), Clinician and/or Mentor.

Evaluator (Level 3)

Evaluators play a key role in the Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee Certification Program for officials by confirming an official has met the upgrading requirements of a specific level.

Evaluators (Level 3) will assess an official’s readiness for promotion to Level 3. The Evaluator (Level 3) is someone who can observe and assess an official’s performance for achievement or consistency with the requirements of Level 3 and, using good communication skills, provide honest and effective feedback.

More information on being an Evaluator (Level 3).


Clinicians will assist in the delivery of the Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee Clinics Program for officials. The program fosters continuous improvement in officiating through a competency-based model and aims to ensure officials apply the rules in a fair, consistent and positive manner.

The Clinician is someone who has excellent communication skills in disseminating information and delivering in a way that maximizes retention of the key concepts. The Clinician must be able to “teach” a group or an individual through either in-person training or via video conference.

More information on being a Clinician.


Mentors will assist in the delivery of the Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee Mentor Program for officials. The Mentor Program anchors the development program for officials through retention of new and existing officials and preparing officials for upgrading.

The Mentor is someone who listens and supports the Mentee become the best official they can be.

More information on being a Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions about mentoring.

BCA Officials Committee

Meeting Schedule - 2023:

  • Sunday, Oct 15th 9:30am

Officials Committee Members - 2023

Name Position Term expires
Bill Koch Secretary 2023
Carol Cull Assignments Coordinator 2023
John Cull   2023
Wayne Elke   2023
Jasmine Gill BC Athletics Representative 2023
Brian Thomson Chair 2023
Anthony Thomson Development Working Group Lead 2024
Cheryl Elke Upgrading Coordinator 2024
Dawn Driver Retention Working Group Lead 2024
Debbie Foote Recruitment Working Group Lead 2024
Deborah Carter  



​Regional Development Coordinators - 2023

Name Region Email Phone
Carol Cull Lower Mainland (Zones 3,4,5) (604) 599-6638
John Cull Lower Mainland (Zones 3,4,5) (604) 599-6638
Todd Blumel  Vancouver Island (Zone 6)  
Vince Sequeira Vancouver Island (Zone 6)  
Greg Nicol Okanagan/Kootenays (Zones 1,2) (250) 372-7888
Joan Harris

Northern BC  (Zones 7,8)



Working Groups - 2023


Marilyn Benz

Debbie Foote

Jasmine Gill

Lanie Mann

Brian Thomson

Recruit and develop officials to levels 1 and 2

Cheryl Elke

Wayne Elke

Bill Koch

Anthony Thomson

Identify, recruit and develop officials for levels 3-5

Carrol Cull

John Cull

Dawn Driver

Retain and recognize BC Athetics officials 


Officials Annual Awards

As part of the recognition program for officials, BC Athletics provides 4 annual awards to Officials. The Officials Committee assists with the nomination process. The Committee may also make recommendations to BC Athletics for the Hall of Fame, and may send nominations to the National Officials Committee for the "NOC Official of the Year" and Athletics Canada "Wall of Honour". A listing of past recipients can be found via the link below.

Past Recipients

Officials must be nominated via nomination form. 

Ian McNeil Award, Official of the Year: 

A registered, active Official who made an outstanding contribution to officiating athletics in BC The recipient has demonstrated recent excellence in consistent and fair application of the rules and participation in officiating meets at the local, regional, provincial and national level. Other activities to consider is the role the official played in developing their own skills and those of other officials (e.g., supervising officials, mentoring, evaluating, instructing) and administration of the various officiating programs used to recruit, develop and retain officials in BC. An official may be eligible to receive the award more than once, provided the interval between awarding is five years or more and subsequent awards are based on significant accomplishments and/or leadership in officiating athletics in BC. Generally, this award builds on the Mary Temple award for Novice official—picking up officials who have been officiating for more than 5 years.

About Ian McNeil:

Ian was a Scottish immigrant to Canada in 1949. Ian’s enthusiasm and sense of humour added much to all the road and cross-country races and track meets he volunteered at. His technical expertise was exceptional and of huge benefit to the Vancouver Olympic and all of track and field in BC. Ian was the Chief Timer at the first international meets held in Swangard Stadium. On a cold wet day at a race in Stanley Park, in the 1960s and 70s, Ian could always be counted on for a warm drink or a good story about growing up in “the Old Country”.


Ralph Coates Award, Longstanding Service:

A registered, active Official who has contributed dependable, long term and versatile service to athletics in BC. It is recommended the length of service be a minimum of 20 years and awarded to an active official. An official may only receive this award once. First awarded in 1991.

About Ralph Coates:

Ralph was a long-time member of the Richmond Kajaks in the 1970s and 80s He was a fixture at all meets at Minoru Track and could be counted on whenever and wherever help was need. Ralph officiated as an umpire at the 1978 Commonwealth in Edmonton and was a long-time starter when he retired.

Mary Temple Award, Novice Official:

A registered, active Official who, in his/her first 5 years, has focused substantial effort on learning to be a BC Official as well as contributed willingly and unselfishly as a beginner Official. The five-year term commences when the official registers for the pathway to Level 2 official. An official may only receive this award once. First awarded in 1995.

About Mary Temple:

Mary was a long-time member of the official’s team in the 1960s and 70s. Mary was a horizontal jumps official who took on the onerous task of officials’ coordinator in a time before computers and cell phones. Mary was incredibly encouraging and supportive of new officials. In 1974, with the 1976 Olympics (Montreal) and 1978 Commonwealth Games (Edmonton) on the near horizon, Mary placed an ad in the Vancouver Sun newspaper advertising a night school course called Olympic Appreciation. Attendees in this course were exposed to all the athletics events and were encouraged to become officials. Many did and some are still active today. Her laugh could be heard all across the stadiums.

Dave Coupland Inspirational Award:

The Dave Coupland Award is presented to a BC Athletics member who has been an inspiration for Officials. The recipient is someone who has demonstrated respect, support and encouragement for officiating in BC. This person could be an official, meet director, club member, etc. An official may be eligible to receive the award more than once, provided the interval between awarding is five years or more and subsequent awards are based on significant accomplishments and/or inspirational activities in officiating athletics in BC. First awarded in 2003.

About Dave Coupland:

Dave was a long-time member of the Vancouver Olympic Club for over 40 years. After immigrating to Canada in 1966, Davie could always be counted on to enter (he formerly competed internationally for Scotland) or help out at races. He became a highly skilled official in timing road races, marathons, cross country, and track and field and became known throughout the country. His keen interest and knowledge in timing lead to the development and building of timing boxes and overhead finish clocks.

Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee (AC-NOC) Official of the Year:

The BC Athletics Officials Committee may nominate one official from B.C. for the Athletics Canada-National Officials Committee Official of the Year. The BC Athletics Official of the Year will be considered for nomination. So will other officials in BC who have made an outstanding contribution to officiating in BC and Canada (e.g., previous BC Athletics Official of the Year). Considerations include performance; progress and expertise; development and officiating. The nominee may be selected from any level but must be a member of BC Athletics and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

Officials Expense Claims

Member officials are entitled to repayment of authorized expenses for travel to events, and for "expendables" (meet supplies). Expenses for local travel require no specific authorization.. Expenses for “out-of-Region travel are only eligible if given prior approval by the Officials Committee.  Officials must work at the event for a substantial period (at least 4-6 hours) to be eligible for repayment. Officials cannot claim travel expenses for meets in which they also intend to coach, parent and/or compete. Carpooling or sharing rides is strongly encouraged where feasible. A rationale for travelling as an individual must be provided (if other officials are travelling to the same meet).

Reimbursement rates: (UPDATED 4/8/22)

Local travel                 $.35 per kilometer,  $.45 for a carpool

To another Region      $.25 per kilometer,  $.30 for a carpool

Some general rules for claiming expenses:

  • claims will only be paid for current BC Athletics members
  • claims must be on the printable form (pdf) or the  Download fillable form If you don't wish to do the form online just print it out and complete it manually..
  • claims must be submitted within 30 days to John Cull for approval
  • receipts must be submitted
  • list specific events (meets) and any members of the car-pool
  • do not claim for whatever is provided at the event
  • expenses for travel outside of your local area must be approved by the Committee Chair on behalf of the Officials Committee.

Officials funded by BCA for travel outside the Province are eligible for repayment of cost of the air travel (or equivalent cost) only.

Filling out the forms

Printable Form (PDF)

  • Print the form
  • Fill in the following sections(blue) by hand:
    • Personal information and address
    • Date and name of the event
    • Departure point (or indicate “home” if departing from your home address)
    • Location of the event (or name of stadium)
    • Total Kilometers
    • Ferry, tolls

The rest, (gst applicable rate etc.) will be filled in by the Officials Committee

  • Attach receipts if claiming for ferry fares or tolls
  • Scan and e-mail, or post to John Cull  with attachments or mail to John Cull, Expense Claim, 12691 55A Ave., Surrey, BC V3X 1W1)

Fill-in form (Excel)

  • Download and save the form to your computer
  • Open the form in Excel or compatible program
  • Fill in the following sections (blue) :
    • Personal information and address
    • Date and name of the event
    • Departure point (or indicate “home” if departing from your home address)
    • Location of the event (or name of stadium)
    • Total Kilometers
    • Ferry, tolls

The rest, (gst applicable rate etc.) will be filled in by the Officials Committee

  • Save the file and name it - Your Last Name, First Name - amount of claim - ie; Doe, Jane - $74.50
  • Send the file with scans of receipts by e-mail as attachments to John Cull 

Upgrading and Certification

Officials are welcomed, and encouraged, to participate in the upgrading process. The program consists of 5 separate levels, with specific requirements for each. National Officials Committee Upgrading Criteria (updated October 2020).

Levels 1 - 3 (provincial)

  • applications are processed by BC Athletics Officials Committee
  • applications can be submitted at any time

Levels 4 - 5 (national)

  • upgrading decisions made by National Officials Committee
  • application deadlines: Mar 15 and Sept 15 of each year

U-18 Officials Program

BCA offers an officials training and certification program for girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 17.  Stay tuned for updates to the program coming this year (2022/2023).

Upgrading Process

The following outlines the process of upgrading from one level to the next. Please follow carefully to ensure your application proceeds smoothly.

  1. If you wish to upgrade this year, please complete the Upgrading Tracking Form
  2. You will then be contacted to discuss arrangements for obtaining required courses, credits or evaluations   
  3. Work with your Mentor to complete all necessary requirements and submit necessary information for completing the upgrading process

Requirements for Provincial Levels

Click HERE to review the Officials Career Pathway 

Officials’ Travel Subsidy Program

This program is for officials who reside in smaller communities where there is not the benefit of local competitions or where there are few mentors available to guide and evaluate their progress. The program offers a subsidy per official for purposes of assisting them travel to meets to gain experience, mentorship or evaluations to upgrade to the next level. Further information about the Travel Subsidy Program and the application form can be found here.

Contact for Certification and Upgrading Requests

Cheryl Elke
2397 Fleetwood Ave., Kamloops, BC  V2B 4S8
Phone 250-554-4240



Benefits, Recognition

Officials Honour Roll - click here

Meet Credits

Benefits and recognition items and activities for officials is based on participation at meets. Officials earn credits for each meet they participate in which in turn qualifies them for various benefits and recognition items.

The Officials Committee approves (reviews) members’ claims for meet credits. Only officiating at sanctioned track and field events count for meet credits. Sanctioning can be from BC Athletics or equivalent organizations in other jurisdictions. Unsanctioned meets do not count for upgrading, recognition item or travel reimbursement (e.g., Special Olympics, some elementary school events). Sanctioning ensures insurance coverage along with a minimum standard for meet organization, competition and officiating requirements. Workshops do not count as meet credits for upgrading, recognition item or travel reimbursement purposes.

David Weicker Receives World Athletics Veteran Pin for 40+ Years of Service

David Weicker has been awarded the Veterans Pin for his service as an Official to World Athletics and the sport of Athletics. The honour was awarded by Seb Coe following the 53rd World Athletics Conference in November.

David has been an official since 1979, his honours and experience include:


  • British Columbia Athletics Official of the Year (1997)
  • Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (2002)
  • Athletics Canada - Certificate of Appreciation (2003)
  • National Association of Sports Officials (USA) - Good Call Award (2004)
  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)
  • Athletics Canada - Wall of Honour (2013)
  • British Columbia Athletics - Outstanding Achievement (2020)

International Experience

  • World Athletics International Technical Official (ITO)—Para—2014-present (7 years)
    • 5 world championships and one Pan American championship
  • World Athletics Technical Delegate
    • 5 world championships in Europe and North and South America
    • 2 Pan American games and 2 Grand Prix (Para) series in North and South America
  • World Athletics Area Technical Official (ATO)—2004-present (17 years)
  • World Athletics International Photo Finish Chief Judge
    • 2 world championships and Pan American Games in North and South America
  • National Technical Official and position on the National Officials Committee.

David is a mentor in Canada as well as being a Certified Master Clinician in Canada.  He has been a certified technical official for over 40 years in Canada having also been a coach and administrator subsequent to a successful career as an athlete. 

Sport BC Presidents' Award - Athletics

Peter Fejfar – 2020 Presidents' Award

For more than 45 years Peter Fejfar has volunteered his time as an Athletics Official for Track & Field, Road and Cross Country Running Events. A Level 5 National and International Technical Official, Instructor and Mentor, Peter has also been a valued member of the BC Athletics Facilities Cttee and involved in reviewing the planning, building and upgrading of Track & Field facilities in British Columbia. A BC Athletics Hall of Fame member, it is an honour to recognize Peter Fejfar as the recipient of the 2020 Sport BC President’s Award for Athletics.

About the Sport BC Presidents' Award

Founded in 1994, Sport BC’s Annual Presidents’ Awards promote and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by giving member organizations an opportunity to acknowledge and thank an individual who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to their sport. See complete list of 2020 Recipients at Sport BC Presidents' Awards.


Training Materials

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Officials Technical Info

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BC Athletics Officials Development Fund

The BC Athletics Officials Development Fund, established through the National Sport Trust Fund, was set up to allow for tax receiptable donations to be made for the Recruitment, Training and Retention of Volunteer Athletics/Track & Field and Off-track Officials.

Tax Receipts are issued for donations of $20.00 or more.

Individuals, Families, Clubs, Organizations, Societies and Corporations can made a donation by connecting to the:

Thank you for your help in continuing the Recruitment, Training and Retention of Volunteeer Officials.


Brian McCalder, BC Athletics President/CEO

Officials Gallery!

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2018 World Masters Championships Malaga, Spain

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Kamloops Officials Meeting 2018

2018 Gary Reed Invitational - Kamloops, BC  Feb/18

2017 BC High School Track & Field Championships



May 20, 2017 - Richmond - Richard Collier Big Kahuna ThrowsFest


April 23, 2017 - Vancouver - 2017 Vancouver Sun Run


April 1-2 2017 - Kamloops van Ryswyk Invitational and BC Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships 



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