Officials are an important part of the BC Athletics membership. As a volunteer group, officials are responsible for judging the various events within the divisions of athletics. For track & field, officials can be divided into four main groups: field judges, track judges, timekeepers and starters. Within cross country, road running and ultra, officials act as start coordinators/assistants, starters, finish judges, time keepers and recorders. BC Athletics officials play a pivotal role in maintaining the rules of play in all athletics events.

BC Athletics officials are certified through the National Officials Committee from levels 1 t o 5, with level 1-3 being provincial level officials and levels 4-5 being national level officials. Under the U18 program members can become officials as young as 13.


Latest News

Online Officials Certification

Seeking Volunteers to Pilot Levels 1 and 2 Modules

Officials Certification - Online Development Program Pilot Information Package

The on-line training and development program for New Officials is now here. We are looking for volunteers to help with 3 pilots to provide feedback respecting the on-line modules before wider release:

  • Pilot 1— 4 to 6 volunteers with no track and field experience. You will participate in the pilot of the Level 1 module covering the basic operations of track and field events;
  • Pilot 2— 3 to 5 volunteers who have some track and field experience as an athlete, coach, etc. but not a current official. You will participate in the pilot of the Level 2 module. This module covers what officials do in officiating a track and field competition; and
  • Pilot 3—3 to 5 volunteers who are currently a Level 1 official and looking to upgrade to Level 2. You will participate in testing the same Level 2 module as those under Pilot 2.

All three pilots will be conducted the week of July 20 and will involve reviewing the corresponding online module and completing an evaluation on your understanding of the material presented. You can complete the pilot on your own time—all at once or split across several sessions. As the modules are on-line, you can view the modules wherever you have internet access.

It is estimated to take 1 hour to complete the pilot of the Level 1 module and 2 hours for the Level 2 module.

TO REGISTER To Take the Online Pilot Course: Please reply to Marilyn Benz - with your name, phone number and email on or before Monday, July 13. Volunteers will be selected and contacted by July 17.

This is a very exciting opportunity to help roll out our on-line training and development program for New Officials. Information on the results of the pilot and next steps in rolling out the training and development program for New Officials will be provided in this newsletter and on the BC Athletics website.


Officials' Newsletter August 3, 2020

          If you don't receive the  BCA Official's Newsletter by e-mail, you may wish to contact Carol Cull ( with your current e-mail address. Contact information goes out of date very quickly.

National Officials Committee Webinars (2020) 

Purpose: Athletics Canada and the National Officials Committee (NOC) are sponsoring a series of educational webinars--a great opportunity to become more familiar with some of the disciplines that may be less familiar to us or a wonderful chance to prepare for the rapidly approaching opening of our sport again. 

Registration: Signing up is very simple. It is on Trackie and it’s free. Most of the sessions will be later in the day (7 pm Eastern) but check the time on Trackie to confirm. 


The 2020 Spring-Summer schedule of webinars is now complete. Further webinars are planned for late summer or early Fall, 2020. Links to recordings of the 2020 Spring-Summer webinars will be posted here as soon as the recordings are available.

More information can be found here.


Sport BC Presidents' Award - Athletics

Peter Fejfar – 2020 Presidents' Award

For more than 45 years Peter Fejfar has volunteered his time as an Athletics Official for Track & Field, Road and Cross Country Running Events. A Level 5 National and International Technical Official, Instructor and Mentor, Peter has also been a valued member of the BC Athletics Facilities Cttee and involved in reviewing the planning, building and upgrading of Track & Field facilities in British Columbia. A BC Athletics Hall of Fame member, it is an honour to recognize Peter Fejfar as the recipient of the 2020 Sport BC President’s Award for Athletics.

About the Sport BC Presidents' Award

Founded in 1994, Sport BC’s Annual Presidents’ Awards promote and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by giving member organizations an opportunity to acknowledge and thank an individual who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to their sport. See complete list of 2020 Recipients at Sport BC Presidents' Awards.

Mentorship Program - those interested in becoming mentors under the new NOC Mentorship Program should complete the self-assessment checklist under the Annual Officials Meeting section of "Newsletters & Meetings" tab.  More information will be provided at the Annual Officials Meeting.

Reminder to renew your BC Athletics memberships for 2020.

  Unattached members renew online

Members with affiliated clubs should join up through their club.

Reminder to consider upgrading your level and/or adding a new discipline.  See the Upgrading and Certification tab for more information


 NOC approved "N" and "NC" meets for 2020

Sport Injury / Accident Report Form

Official's Code of Conduct Booklet (2018)

2020 World Athletics Book of Rules (Nov 1/19)

2018/2019 IAAF Rule Book (Nov 1/17) -- ERRATA (Apr 7/18)


2020 Meet Schedule - UPDATED 3/8/20


Six things you can do to build officiating in BC

Number 1

Help recognize our (most) outstanding officials.

Follow the link to our BCA Officials Awards Nomination Form. Nominate a member official who has done a super job of supporting our competitions and our athletes. There are awards for long-serving officials, and for novice officials as well. Awards will be presented at the BCA Annual Awards banquet. You could also ensure that your Club recognizes its own member officials for their contributions; for instance at your Awards ceremony or Annual meeting.


Number 2

Build up your certification.

Have you completed requirements for the next officials’ certification level? 

Find out what you need to do to upgrade OR Complete the Upgrading Tracking Survey Form to let us know your plans for the next season.


Number 3.

Participate in the BCA Officials Annual general meeting, and keep in touch with developments in officiating, and officials from around the Province.


Number 4

Bring a friend.

BC has the largest group of Athletics officials in the Canada. One of the key elements that continues to bring us success is a strong network built on friendship. Most of our officials have been brought in by friends or relatives. It’s all about relationships. Do you know someone who would fit in? Bring a friend to a meet to work with you, or to the AGM. Everyone counts.


Number 5

Sponsor an Introductory workshop. We have a Province-wide network of Level 1 trainers. Does your Community or Club have a group of people that would like to get started in a rewarding and exciting volunteer role as a field of play official? Get in touch with the Officials Development Coordinator in your Region and ask about sponsoring a workshop. It’s painless, and it’s free.


Number 6.

Renew your membership January 1st each year!

All volunteer field of play officials are req uired to have a BCA membership. First time BC Athletics members applying for membership after August 31st will receive an extended membership valid from the application date through to the end of the following year.

Club your Club Registrar

Unattached officials....... Renew your membership online

In either case, please ensure that your membership application includes the officials designation, in addition to your registration in any other category (Coach, Athlete, Club Administrator).

David Weicker

Officiating in a Call Room - Register

BCA Officials Committee

Chair: Brian Thomson

Board Representative: Jasmine Gill

Provincial Coordinators:

Upgrading Coordinator: Cheryl Elke

Determines upgrading needs (credits and evaluations) for officials, and works with Assignments Coordinator to ensure assignments support officials development needs.

  • Maintains a Provincial Officials Directory
  • Processes upgrading applications
  • Distributes certificates, letters etc. relating to upgrading
  • Orders and distributes officials name badges
  • Produces Travel/Mentoring priority list.

Assignments Coordinator: Carol Cull

Selects officials for higher level events (Championships, Games and International level events).

  • Supports officials managers for other events
  • approves travel between zones
  • recommends officials for out of province assignments


Name     Term expires
Bill Koch     2021
Carol Cull     2021
John Cull     2021
Marilyn Benz     2020
Wayne Elke     2021
Sue Kydd     2020
Brian Thomson     2021
Anthony Thomson     2020
Cheryl Elke     2020
Jim Rollins     2020

BC Branch Officials Committee (BOC) Handbook April 2017

BCA Officials Committee - Recruitment Training Retention Programs - Ver 1

The 2020 Committee Meeting schedule:

  • Sunday, February 2 - Surrey - 9:30am - 1:45pm
  • March - to be determined
  • Sunday, September 13 - location to be determined - 9:30am - 1:45pm
  • Saturday, October 18 - 2020 BC Branch Officials Annual Officials Meeting.  BC Athletics office, Burnaby - 9:30am - 2:00pm
  • Saturday, November 14 - BC Athletics office, Burnaby - 9:30am - 2:15pm

​Regional Development Coordinators

Name Region Email Phone
John & Carol Cull Lower Mainland (Zones 3,4,5) johncull at (604) 599-6638
Vince Sequeira  - ON LEAVE Vancouver Island (Zone 6)    
Todd Blumel Vancouver Island (one 6) toddler at  
Alwilda van Ryswyk Okanagan/Kootenays (Zones 1,2) alvan50 at (250) 372-9640
Greg Nicol Okanagan/Kootenays (Zones 1,2) gregorylnicol136 at (250) 372-7888
Rob Milar

Northern BC  (Zones 7,8)

millarob at (778) 349-9437

Officials Expense Claims

Member officials are entitled to repayment of authorized expenses for travel to events, and for "expendables" (meet supplies). Expenses for local travel require no specific authorization.. Expenses for “out-of-Region travel are only eligible if given prior approval by the Officials Committee.  Officials must work at the event for a substantial period (at least 4-6 hours) to be eligible for repayment. Officials cannot claim travel expenses for meets in which they also intend to coach, parent and/or compete. Carpooling or sharing rides is strongly encouraged where feasible. A rationale for travelling as an individual must be provided (if other officials are travelling to the same meet).

Reimbursement rates:

Local travel                 $.30 per kilometer,  $.40 for a carpool

To another Region      $.20 per kilometer,  $.25 for a carpool

Guidelines are posted in the Committee Handbook. Some general rules for claiming expenses:

  • claims will only be paid for current BC Athletics members
  • claims must be on the printable form (pdf) or the  Download fillable form
  • claims must be submitted within 30 days to John Cull for approval
  • receipts must be submitted
  • list specific events (meets) and any members of the car-pool
  • do not claim for whatever is provided at the event
  • expenses for travel outside of your local area must be approved by the Committee Chair on behalf of the Officials Committee.

Officials funded by BCA for travel outside the Province are eligible for repayment of cost of the air travel (or equivalent cost) only.

Filling out the forms

Printable Form (PDF)

  • Print the form
  • Fill in the following sections(blue) by hand:
    • Personal information and address
    • Date and name of the event
    • Departure point (or indicate “home” if departing from your home address)
    • Location of the event (or name of stadium)
    • Total Kilometers
    • Ferry, tolls

The rest, (gst applicable rate etc.) will be filled in by the Officials Committee

  • Attach receipts if claiming for ferry fares or tolls
  • Scan and e-mail, or post to John Cull  with attachments or mail to John Cull, Expense Claim, 12691 55A Ave., Surrey, BC V3X 1W1)

Fill-in form (Excel)

  • Download and save the form to your computer
  • Open the form in Excel or compatible program
  • Fill in the following sections (blue) :
    • Personal information and address
    • Date and name of the event
    • Departure point (or indicate “home” if departing from your home address)
    • Location of the event (or name of stadium)
    • Total Kilometers
    • Ferry, tolls

The rest, (gst applicable rate etc.) will be filled in by the Officials Committee

  • Save the file and name it - Your Last Name, First Name - amount of claim - ie; Doe, Jane - $74.50
  • Send the file with scans of receipts by e-mail as attachments to John Cull 

Upgrading and Certification


Officials are welcomed, and encouraged, to participate in the upgrading process. The program consists of 5 separate levels, with specific requirements for each. National Officials Committee Upgrading Criteria (updated April 2013).

Core Competencies for Officials

  • Press here for a description of the knowlege, skills and abilities expectations for each of the 5 levels of officials 

Levels 1 - 3 (provincial)

  • applications are processed by BC Athletics Officials Committee
  • applications can be submitted at any time

Levels 4 - 5 (national)

  • upgrading decisions made by National Officials Committee
  • application deadlines: Mar 15 and Sept 15 of each year

U-18 Officials Program

BCA offers an officials training and certification program for girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 17.

Upgrading Process

The following outlines the process of upgrading from one level to the next. Please follow carefully to ensure your application proceeds smoothly.

  1. If you wish to upgrade this year, please complete the Upgrading Tracking Form
  2. You will then be contacted to discuss arrangements for obtaining required courses, credits or evaluations   
  3. Complete all necessary requirements listed below.
  4. Prepare and submit information confirming upgrading requirements have been met (see contact information noted at bottom of page):

a.  Level 1 - scan a copy of your Officials Meet Record Card or passport page.  Submit to Cheryl Elke.

b.  Level 2 - scan the pages listed in your passport (page 11).  Submit to Cheryl Elke.

c.  Level 3 - download and complete the Level 3 Upgrade form.  Submit along with copies of your Officials Meet Record Card and evaluations to Cheryl Elke.

d.  Level 4 or 5 - download and complete the Level 4, 5 Upgrade form.  Submit along with copies of your Officials Meet Record Card and evaluations to Cheryl Elke.

Requirements for Provincial Levels

Provisional Official who has taken a Level 1 training course
Level 1

Level 1 Workshop
6 officiating credits  - preferably in more than one discipline (24 hours work in any athletics discipline).

BCA/AC Membership

Level 2

Community level official certified for all events
12 credits with minimum of 4 credits in track and 4 credits in field disciplines. 
Level 2 workshop

Completion of 4 task lists in Passport to Level2 Official.  Your Passport is provided by your Level 1 and/or Level 2 Workshop Instructor

Evaluation in a track discipline

Evaluation in a field discipline

Level 3 BC Official. Status is granted in a specific discipline.
16 credits in the specific discipline
1 years service as a Level 2 official
2 evaluations by senior officials.

Requirements for National Levels

Level 4 National Official. Status is granted in a specific discipline.
24 credits in the specific discipline
2 years service as a Level 3 official 
2 evaluations by senior officials.
National Clinic in the specific discipline
Level 5 International Official
36 credits in the specific discipline
3 years service as a Level 4 official
2 evaluations by senior officials.


Officials’ Travel Subsidy Program

Subsidies are available for level 1 or 2 officials residing in smaller communities to travel to competitions for purposes of gaining experience, mentorship or evaluations. More information can be found under the section on Benefits, Recognition and Expenses.

Contact for Certification and Upgrading Requests

Cheryl Elke
2397 Fleetwood Ave., Kamloops, BC  V2B 4S8
Phone 250-554-4240



Benefits, Recognition

Officials Honour Roll - click here

Meet Credits

Benefits and recognition items and activities for officials is based on participation at meets. Officials earn credits for each meet they participate in which in turn qualifies them for various benefits and recognition items.

The Officials Committee approves (reviews) members’ claims for meet credits. Only officiating at sanctioned track and field events count for meet credits. Sanctioning can be from BC Athletics or equivalent organizations in other jurisdictions. Unsanctioned meets do not count for upgrading, recognition item or travel reimbursement (e.g., Special Olympics, some elementary school events). Sanctioning ensures insurance coverage along with a minimum standard for meet organization, competition and officiating requirements. Workshops do not count as meet credits for upgrading, recognition item or travel reimbursement purposes.

BCA Officials Recognition Program 2019

The 2019 Recognition Program is supported by BC Athletics and by individual donors. We wish to recognize the dedication and many volunteer hours of our BC Athletics member officials.

All officials who:

  • Are current members of BC Athletics
  • Have Level 1 or above certification
  • Have earned a minimum of 15 credits

Are eligible to receive this year’s recognition items

The fabulous items for 2019 is a choice between a Relaxus cooling Towel for those hot summer days, or a BC Athletics Official Toque for those cool spring days.

For all eligible officials

All officials who obtain 15 or more credits between September 1, 2018 and August 31. 2019 are eligible for the 2019 Official recognition Item.  Please submit your application by September 1, 2019.  Submit your claim to Sue Kydd, following the instructions on the Order form 2019 Recognition Item

For new Level 2 eligible Officials (upgraded to Level 2 in 2019) only

Officials who upgrade to Level 2 are eligible to receive a BCA Officials name tag.  If you have not received your name tag, contact Cheryl Elke

Officials’ Travel Subsidy Program

This program is for level 1 or 2 officials who reside in smaller communities where there is not the benefit of local competitions or where there are few mentors available to guide and evaluate their progress. The program offers a $200 subsidy per official, for up to five officials, for purposes of assisting them travel to meets to gain experience, mentorship or evaluations to upgrade to the next level. Further information about the Travel Subsidy Program and the application form can be found here.


Officials Guides and Handbooks

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National Clinics for Officials

These free clinics are required for upgrading to Level 4. 

Who should participate:

  • any official intending to upgrade to Level 4 in the discipline within 5 years
  • any official Level 4 or above in the discipline who has not participated in a Clinic in the last 5 years

Other officials who are Level 3+ in any discipline may also participate.

Register for National Clinics with John Cull

2020 Officials Workshops

The "Registration & Info" link will take you directly to the registration form

Date / Time

Registration Form Links:



  April 18, 2020


Level 1


Jane & Gerry Swan Track - Rotary Stadium

John & Carol Cull

 April18, 2020



  11:00 - 1:30  NEW TIMES!

Electronic Distance Measuring


Jane & Gerry Swan Track - Rotary Stadium

Wayne Elke

  April 30, 2020  - POSTPONED

  2:00pm - 3:30pm

Level 1


Apple Bowl 

Marilyn Benz

  May 9, 2020

  8:30am - 10:00am

Level 1 Maple Ridge - Maple Ridge Secondary School John and Carol Cull 

  June 13, 2020

  8:30am - 10:00am

Level 1


Percy Perry Stadium

John & Carol Cull


Resources for Mentors

Mentors (Evaluators) are assigned by the BC Athletics Officials Committee. Contact Cheryl Elke or fill out the Upgrading Survey to request an evaluation, when you are ready to upgrade to the next level. The assigned mentor will provide coaching (mentoring) and conclude the assignment with an assessment of your knowledge and skills related to the discipline. The mentoring assignment may be performed over one meet, or may be continued, at the discretion of the mentor. The mentor will give the completed evaluation to the official for his/her use in application for upgrading.

Level 2 evaluations will usually be performed by a Level 4 or 5 official. The Provincial Mentoring form may be used, or alternatively, the Mentor may write a letter.

Level 3 (or Provincial List) evaluations will always be performed by a Level 4 or 5 official, preferably one from the NOC Mentors List. The Provincial mentoring form will always be used.

Level 4 or 5 (or National List) Evaluations must be pre-approved by the National Officials Committee (NOC). Evaluations for these levels will always be performed by officials on the NOC Mentors List, and the National Mentoring Form will always be used.

Officials Training Program

The BC Officials Committee provides introductory (Provincial level) training through courses and mentoring. Introductory training is usually completed within 12-18 months, and concludes with certification at Level 2. Training courses are intended for 'Field of Play' officials. Other members, such as Event Organizers, or athletes, may enroll out of interest.

Official's Training and Support


Official's Code of Conduct (2018)

NEW ** Protest Form 2020


Recruitment, Recognition and Retention of Volunteers

All members are encouraged to read about best practices for Recruitment, Recognition and Retention of Volunteers.

Expectations for officials working with volunteers


Current Workshops are listed under the "Clinic/Workshop Registration" tab

Level 1 Courses

The Level 1 course is a 1-2 hour session. It is generally presented in a classroom setting, but may be 'customized' to meet the needs of a specific group. The course is co-sponsored with a Club or other Community organization, and is free to the participants. Participants are prepared to act as volunteer officials in all branches of Athletics (Track & Field, Road Race, Cross Country, and Race Walk). The content is non-technical and concentrates on:

  • benefits of officials membership
  • expectations (Code of Conduct)
  • Certification system
  • Roles of key officials in Stadium & Non-stadium events
  • Organizational information

Please contact John Cull for further information about either participating or arranging a Level 1 course in your area.

Level 2 Courses

The Level 2 course is a 5 - 6 hour workshop and is required for advancement to Level 2 in the Athletics Canada National Officials Certification program.  Rules and best practices for all branches of Athletics are covered in a lecture/discussion format.  It is conducted entirely in the classfoom, and there will be some paperwork.  The Registration fee covers costs of handouts, and a current IAAF Rulebook.  Registration fees for BCA members is $25+GST / others $30+GST. 

Contact John Cull for information about Level 2 workshops in your Region

National Level Clinics

National Level Clinics are usually presented at Championship events. Each Clinic is for a specific discipline, and is required for upgrading to Level 4.

Officials Technical Info

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BC Athletics Officials Development Fund

The BC Athletics Officials Development Fund, established through the National Sport Trust Fund, was set up to allow for tax receiptable donations to be made for the Recruitment, Training and Retention of Volunteer Athletics/Track & Field and Off-track Officials.

Tax Receipts are issued for donations of $20.00 or more.

Individuals, Families, Clubs, Organizations, Societies and Corporations can made a donation by connecting to the:

Thank you for your help in continuing the Recruitment, Training and Retention of Volunteeer Officials.


Brian McCalder, BC Athletics President/CEO

Officials Gallery!

2018 World Masters Championships Malaga, Spain

2018 Canadian Track & Field Championships

2018 BC High School Track & Field Championships



Kamloops Officials Meeting 2018

2018 Gary Reed Invitational - Kamloops, BC  Feb/18

2017 BC High School Track & Field Championships



May 20, 2017 - Richmond - Richard Collier Big Kahuna ThrowsFest


April 23, 2017 - Vancouver - 2017 Vancouver Sun Run


April 1-2 2017 - Kamloops van Ryswyk Invitational and BC Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships 



Kamloops Spring 2018