Officials Honour Roll

BC Athletics Officials Awards

As part of the recognition program for officials, BC Athletics provides 4 annual awards to Officials. The Officials Committee assists with the nomination process. The Committee may also make recommendations to BC Athletics for the Hall of Fame, and may send nominations to the National Officials Committee for the "NOC Official of the Year" and Athletics Canada "Wall of Honour". The table below is the historical record of awards given to BC Athletics officials. The year listed is the year for which the award is given. The award ceremony is usually the following January. Note: starting 2021, the awards were expanded to include both a male and female recipient.

Year Official of the Year Longstanding Service Award New Official Award BCA Hall of Fame Inspirational Award
1976 Janet Wood
Dave Coupland
1977 Jack Hutchinson        
1978 Ken Porter     George Dean
Peter Jamison
Fred Rowell
1979 Kanwal Neel     John Hutcheon
Bob Andrews
1980 Noel Marples     Ann Kirk  
1981 George Maverty        
1982 Louise Meville        
1983 Mary Temple        
1984 Guy Pickard     Andy Andrews  
1985 Ernie Teagle        
1986 John Hutchin     Dave Coupland  
1987 Arnold Lucks        
1988 Keith Newell     Ingvar Klett
Nora Klett
1989 Peter Fejfar     Shirley Lonergan
Arnold Lucks
1990 John Currie     Winnie and Harvey Boleen  
1991 Ingy Hedman Dave Coupland   Ingy Hedman  
1992 Alwilda van Ryswyk Nora Klett
Inky Klett
  Louise Meville
Ted Pierson
Alwilda van Ryswyk
1993 John Cull Louise Meville   Ivor Davies
Gwen Little
1994 Alice Kubek Ken Bogas      
1995 Janice Loewen
Dale Loewen
Olive McHattie Kathy Terlicher John Currie  
1996 Carol Cull Anne Lansdell Irene Hanson-Monnie Peter Fejfar  
1997 David Weicker Ken Porter Jackie Pfeffer Janice Loewen
Dale Loewen
1998 Fiona Clark   Wally Smeaton
Kevin Kydd
Ken Porter
Keith Newell
1999 Carol Cull Alwilda van Ryswyk Terry Harbicht Anne Lansdell
Alice Kubek
2000 Judy Armstrong Valerie Jerome April Arsene
Brian Metzgner
2001 Kathy Terlicher Jack Rowe Penny Roze John Cull
Carol Cull
2002 Kevin Kydd Bob Adams Sanda Turner    
2003 Al McLeod Peter Fejfar Karen Davidson   Dan Mezheritsky
2004 Anne Lansdell Larry Blaschuk Glynnis Morgan
Mark Lillicrap
Geraldine Bagot Shirley Young
2005 Iain Fisher Dave Hopkins Michele Peacock Sue and Kevin Kydd
Shirley Young
Marion Crowley
Geraldine Bagot
2006 April Arsene Keith Newell Sandra Herd Iain Fisher Gerry Swan
2007 Diana Hollefreund Hugh Morrison Dave Short
Daryl Palmer
  Winston Reckord
Gerard Dumas
2008 Jackie Barrington
Wally Smeaton
Alice Kubek Helen Newmarch   Maureen de St Croix
2009 John Cull Howard Brandt Randy Stuart   Tom Masich
2010 Judy Armstrong Kathy Terlicher Kevin Gaiesky   Bob Cowden
2011 Wayne Elke Ken Serl Celina Wong   Ken Christensen
2012 Ted de St. Croix Ina Wallace Vince Sequeira   Erin Bell
2013 Cliff Weathermon Gary Bell Brian Thomson Diana Hollefreund Steve Martin
2014 Brian Beck Shirley Young Judy Needham

Tom Dingle

Neil Chin Aleong
2015 Vince Sequeira Carol & John Cull Rose Hare   Richard Collier
2016 Jake Madderom Rafael Melendez-Duke Sharon Hann   Sue Kydd
2017 Brian Thomson Iain Fisher Betsy Rollins   Wayne & Cheryl Elke
2018 Jason Swan Dale Loewen Anthony Thomson   Bob Adams
2019 Brad Heinzman Dave Short Marilyn Benz   Chris Eliopoulos
2020 Not awarded due to impacts from Coronavirus disease (COVI(D-19 virus)        

Dawn Driver (Co-Female)

Debbie Foote (Co Female)

David Weicker (Male)

Connie Halbert (Female)

Kanwal Neel (Male)

Deborah Carter (Female)

Angelo Anastasio (Co-Male)

Gary Silvester (Co-Male)


Marilyn Benz (Female)

Bill Koch (Male)


Deborah Carter

Gary Silvester

Shirley Nelson-Byington

Wally Smeaton

Cristi Lundman

Zach Durand

Kathy Terlicher 

David Weicker

Aileen Lingwood

Derm Strong 

Year Official of the Year Award Longstanding Service Award New Official Award BCA Hall of Fame Inspriational Award - Merged into the Best of BC award as of 2023

Miscellaneous Awards

2021 World Athletics Vereran Pin (World Athletics)

  • David Weicker

2020 Outstanding Service as an Official (BC Athletics)

  • Marilyn Benz
  • Carol Cull
  • John Cull
  • Cheryl Elke
  • Wayne Elke
  • Brian Thomson (administration)
  • Davie Weicker

2016 Jane Swan Award (BC Athletics)

  • Dale Loewen

2015 Jane Swan Award (BC Athletics)

  • Tom Dingle

2014 Jane Swan Award (BC Athletics)

  • Sue Kydd

2013 Jane Swan Award (BC Athletics)

  • Jackie Barrington

2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

  • Kanwal Neel

2009 Jane Swan Award (BC Athletics)

  • Alwilda van Ryswyk

Sport BC Official of the Year 2009

  • John Cull

2010 Fox 40 Kitch MacPherson Award of Excellence (Sports Officials Canada)

  • Keith Newell

Athletics Canada Hall of Fame:

  • Bob Adams (builder) 2012
  • Ken Porter Sr. (builder) 2014


National Officials Committee Awards

Winners of the NOC Wall of Honour and NOC Official of the Year are selected by the National Officials Committee from nominations submitted by their Provincial Branches. Officials listed here are from British Columbia.

  NOC Wall of Honour NOC Official of the Year

Andy Andrews

Bob Adams

1989 Mary Temple Peter Fejfar
1990 Ernie Teagle  
1991 Ken Porter  
1992 Guy Pickard  
1994   Alice Kubek
1995   Janice Loewen
Dale Loewen
1998 Anne Lansdell Fiona Clarke
2003 Peter Fejfar  
2004 Alice Kubek Anne Lansdell
2005 Alwilda van Ryswyk  
2006   April Arsene
2007 Keith Newell  
2009 Carol Cull John Cull
2010 John Cull Judy Armstrong
2013 Dave Weicker  
2018   Jason Swan
2020 Kathy Terlicher


2021   David Weicker

NOC Service Pins are awarded to officials to recognize the number of years of volunteer service. The pins are awarded on application from the Provincial Branch. Our records for officials start dates are shaky. The year of the award may be "retrospective", a belated recognition of many years service.

  60 Yrs 50 Yrs 45 Yrs 40 Yrs 35 Yrs 30 Yrs 25 Yrs 20 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs 5 Yrs

Bob Adams
Andy Andrews
Ken Bogas
Dave Coupland
Bill English
Iain Fisher
Ingvar Hedman
Valerie Jerome
Ann Kirk
Alice Kubek
Anne Lansdell
Arnold Lucks
Rafe Melendez-Duke
Olive McHattie
Louise Meville
Kanwal Neel
Keith Newell
Ken Porter
Jack Rowe


1999             Inky Klett
Alwilda van Ryswyk
2004   Anne Lansdell
Alwilda van Ryswyk
2006       Ken Porter Iain Fisher
Darlene Hainer
Alice Kubek
Olive McHattie
Rafe Melendez-Duke
Keith Newell
Roger Power
Jack Rowe
Larry Blaschuk Fiona Clarke
Murray Hainer
John Rowe
David Weicker
2007       Darlene Hainer Peter Fejfar
Bob Adams
Kanwal Neel
2009 Anne Lansdell   Ken Porter Rafael Melendez-Duke
Kanwal I. Neel
Keith Newell
Jack F. Rowe
Shirley Byington
Louise Meville
Murray Hainer
David J. Weicker
Shirley Young        
2010       Iain Fisher
Alice Kubek
Ken Serl
Larry Blaschuk
Janice Loewen John Cull
Dale Loewen
2011       Iain Fisher
Darlene Hainer
  Dale Loewen Ina Wallace        
2012     Darlene Hainer Bob Adams    Peter Fejfar    Valerie Jerome    

Gary Bell

Greg Bush

2013       Ken Serl   John Cull

Larry Barton

Chuck Kuhn

Dave Hopkins

Kathy Terlicher


Alwilda van Ryswyk

Anne Lansdell (70 years)


Iain Fisher

Rafael Melencez-Duke

Bob Adams (55 years)

Keith Newell

Alice Kubek

Kanwal Neel

Peter Fejfar

Louise Meville

Shirley Byington

Larry Blaschuk

Howard Brandt

David Weicker

Janice Loewen

Dale Loewen

John Cull

Ina Wallace

Greg Bush

Connie Halbert

David Hopkins

Kathy Terlicher

Ken Christensen

Linda Hopkins

Judy Armstrong

Allen McLeod

Brian Hawksworth

Steve Martin

Rick Rathy

Kevin Kydd

Sue Kydd

2019 Alwilda Van Ryswyk (65 years)

Alice Kubek

Keith Newell

Shirley Byington

David Weicker    

Bob Cowden

Joan Cowden

Wally Smeaton

Helen Jaques

Derm Strong

Sanda Turner

Dawn Beck

Keith Hooey

Bill Koch

Gene Sanderson

Jason Swan

Brian Thomson

Daniel Elke

Evelyn Barker

Kathy Brand

Cathy Carr

Miriam Cavani

Natasha Friedman

Phil Froment

Dewi Griffiths

Ron Heron

Carol Parsakish

Grant Robinson

Mike Stoll

Onna Stoll

2020 - 2022                      
  60 Yrs 50 Yrs 45 Yrs 40 Yrs 35 Yrs 30 Yrs 25 Yrs 20 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs 5 Yrs