Safe Sport

Abuse-Free Sport

"Anyone involved in sport should be able to thrive and perform at their best without fear of abuse, neglect or other maltreatment. Creating safe sport environments that provide those conditions is a collective effort; one that requires proper training so people can recognize maltreatment and prevent or address it."


BC Athletics Safe Sport Statement

BC Athletics, through Individual Members, Member Clubs, Parents/Guardians, Supporters, Board of Directors and Staff believes that all participants involved in Athletics (Track & Field, Road & Cross Country Running; Marathons/Ultras, Race Walking, Trail/Mountain Running) at whatever level and in whatever role have the right to take part in a safe and secure environment.


BC Athletics accepts all language in the  British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC).

BC Athletics supports, aligns and incorporates the Athletics Canada: Safe Sport Policies inclusive of: Code of Conduct; Athletics Canada Safe Sport Policies of PromotionPrevention and Response


BC Athletics, Athletics Canada, viaSport British Columbia and the Governments of British Columbia and Canada have Laws, Rules, Policies, Processes and Resources in place to help guide clubs and individuals to insuring a positive and safe environment for all involved.

Abuse-Free Sport Resources

Are you a victim of abuse, harassment or discrimination in a sport environment? Have you witnessed such an incident?

The Abuse-Free Sport Helpline is a free, anonymous, confidential and independent service in both official languages.

You can reach out by phone, text or email.



PROMOTION: We believe in promoting a safe environment for our athletes, coaches, officials, support teams and spectators. We believe in treating every person with respect and dignity in an inclusive space.

PREVENTION: We protect our athletes, coaches, officials and support teams through policies and protocols, risk identification and management, education, training, resources and communication.

RESPONSE: We are committed to operating within the national Safe Sport reporting and resolution framework in a timely manner that is compassionate, fair and transparent.

Abuse-Free Sport is an independent program that is part of a growing national movement to rid Canadian sport of all forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse.

We aim to prevent maltreatment at all levels of sport across Canada through education, training and research.

We are also responsible for investigating reported violations of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) and for imposing sanctions against individuals who violate the Code.

Creating a culture where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. The Safe Sport Training module developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) will help anyone involved in sport identify and prevent situations of maltreatment.

Together, we can make sport safe for everyone.

The CCES is an independent, national, not-for-profit, multi-sport organization with a vision of fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive sport for everyone. We believe the fundamental purpose of sport can and should be to make a positive contribution to Canadian society and that ethical sport is the best way to achieve that.

We believe that by intentionally activating True Sport, advocating for ethical sport, and protecting the integrity of sport, we will fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

Our Mission: To work collaboratively to address unethical behaviours and promote a values-based approach to sport to ensure positive sport experiences for all.


Our Vision: Sport is fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive.
NCCP Code of Ethics
The National Coaching Certification Program™ (NCCP) Code of Ethics provides ethical standards that reflect the core values of the coaching profession in Canada, and guides sport coaches to make balanced decisions to achieve personal, participant and team goals. 





  1. Parents
  2. Sport Organizations
  3. Coaches


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BC Athletics Policies & Resources

  • BC Athletics - Policies, Constitution, By-laws, Rules, Operating Procedures
  1. BC Athletics Policies on Equity - Access - Fair - Play
  2. BC Athletics Policy on Drugs in Sport
  3. BC Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct
  4. Constitution and By-laws - updated and approved August 2021
  5. Operating Policies, Procedures, Rules, Regulations
  6. BC Athletics Appeals/Dispute Process
  7. BC Athletics Privacy Policy (all sections)
  8. BC Athletics Privacy Statement and Personal Information Protection: Summary
  9. BC Athletics Website and Publications Policy
  10. BC Athletics Risk Management Policy and Criminal Records Check Requirements
  11. BC Athletics Codes of Conduct
  12. Officials Code of Conduct
  13. BC Athletics Policy on Harassment (abridged)
  14. BC Athletics Policy on Harassment (complete)
  15. Criminal Records Check (CRC) BC Athletics requires that a CRC be done every 5 years for all Coaches, Officials, Club and Provincial Association Directors and BC Athletics staff. Note: Members requiring a CRC must have it completed within 2 months of initiating the CRC.
  • Process
  1. BC Athletics Discipline: Complaints, Hearing and Appeals Process
  • BC Athletics Contacts are:
  1. BC Athletics Office – / 604-333-3550
  2. BC Athletics Chair, Board of Directors –
  3. BC Athletics CEO – / 604-333-3555
  4. BC Athletics Athlete Directors
    1. Rebecca Dutchak –
    2. TBA
    3. TBA

BC Athletics Policies - Safe Sport Training Requirements for Coaches, Officials, Associates and Athlete Members

  1. BC Athletics Policy Updates – Safe Sport Training
    1. At the January 21st BC Athletics Board of Directors meeting the following motions were passed and become BC Athletics Rules as per the date of implementation:
      1. That BC Athletics implement, beginning with the 2024 BC Athletics Membership year (as of Sept 1, 2023), mandatory Safe Sport Training for all BC Athletics:
        1. Coach Members
        2. Official Members
        3. Associate Members (Club, BC Athletics Brd/Exc.)
          1. Policy passed by the BC Athletics BoD

Resources for Safe Sport Training & Information:

  1. Coaching Association of Canada – Safe Sport
  2. Athletics Canada Safe Sport Information and Resources for Coaches/Leaders, Parents, Officials, Athletes and Girls through:
    1. Respect in Sport
    2. CAC Safe Sport Training
    3. Commit to Kids Training
      1. See – Athletics Canada Safe Sport Prevention
  3. Safe Sport Training for Athlete Members 16 & Older
    1. That BC Athletics implement, once finalized, Safe Sport Training/Education for all BC Athletics Athlete Members for ages U16 & Older.
      1. Policy passed by the BC Athletics BoD.
  4. Criminal Records Check: for U19 Coaches & Officials:
    1. That Criminal Records Checks are recommended but optional for all BC Athletics Coach and Official Members under the age of 19.
      1. Policy passed by the BC Athletics BoD

Athletics Canada

  1. Athletics Canada Rules and Bylaws – See Governance
  2. Contact the Commissioner’s Office – See Athletics Canada Safe Sport
  3. Athletics Canada Code of Conduct – See Safe Sport

Presentations, Education, & Training

Please contact BC Athletics to discuss options and resources for presentations on Safe Sport. We can work with the Club(s) and connect you to the appropriate agencies who are trained to deliver/present information and training on Safe Sport.

Contact: BC Athletics: / 604-333-3552

Online Webinars

  • Safe Sport Training (from Coaching Association of Canada - Free)
    • The Safe Sport Training module developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) will help anyone involved in sport identify and prevent situations of maltreatment.