BC Teams

2022 Teams - Updated November 9, 2022

Track & Field Teams 

Team Information
BC Legion Team - U18 & 15 Year Old                                            Team Information
BC U20 Team Team Information
BC Senior Team Team Information
BC Para-Athletics Team Team Information
Team BC - 2022 Canada Summer Games Team Information
2022 National Team Selection Criteria Team Information



Road Running Teams
Team Information
BC 5K Team - @ Canadian 5k Championships - Moncton, NB September 11, 2022
- Note: BC 5k Championships June 17 - Longest Day 5k
Team Selection Criteria

BC 10K Team @ Canadian 10k Championshps - Ottawa, ON May 28, 2022
- Note: BC 10k Championships April 24 - Vancouver Sun Run

Team Selection Criteria
BC Half Marathon Team @ Canadian Half Championships - Winnipeg, MB June 19, 2022 Team Selection Criteria
BC Marathon Team @ Canadian Marathon Championships - Toronto, ON October 18, 2022 Team Selection Criteria



Cross Country Teams

Team Information

BC Cross Country Team (U18, U20, Senior and Masters)
Nationals, Ottawa, ON - November 26, 2022

2022 Team Selection Criteria

2022 Team Selection Announcement


Team Staff

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General Info

BC Teams are funded by BC Athletics, and selected through the Track & Field Committee, Road Running Committee and Cross Country Committee. These teams attend National Championships and training events.  BC Teams are an integral part of Athlete and Coach development and offer athletes the opportunity to represent their province on the national stage.


Important Forms

Attention Competitive Athletes!

Out of province performances must be submitted to Athletics Canada for inclusion in the national rankings - go to "Rankings & Records" for instructions.

BC Summer Games

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Past Teams









































EXternal Sports Credit Program

The External Sport Credit Program provides credits for athletes named to Provincial Teams, Canadian Teams, Targeted Talent ID Programs, Camps and other Provincial Sport Organization Talent ID Programs. 

Athletes taking part in the 2022 BC Summer Games are eligible for the External Sport Credit Program

A full list of the sports and programs can be found at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation/ext_credentials/athlete_programs.php

Request for an External Sports Credit Program letter

The following information is required:

  1. Athlete's name
  2. The full name of the School he/she attends
  3. The full mailing address for the School
  4. The phone number for the School
  5. The full name of his/her counsellor
  6. The counsellor's email address
  7. BC Summer Games Zone Team(s) selected to and year
  8. BC Teams selected to and year
  9. Athlete's email address
  10. Parent's email address

With this information BC Athletics will write a letter to the school counsellor and provide a copy to the athlete and parent.

Questions?? Please contact Brian McCalder

National Teams

All National Teams are the responsibility of Athletics Canada.  Please visit the National Teams webpage for additional information including selection criteria, team information and announcements. 

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NAIG (North American Indigenous Games)