2020 BC Team Selection Criteria & Standards Released

The following documents will serve as the selection criteria & standards for all 2020 BC Track & Field Teams. All team selections will be made in accordance with these criteria. Athletes and coaches are asked to please familiarize themselves with these documents.

***Please note that the 2020 BC Athletics Track & Field Championship Jamboree held July 10-12, 2020 in Kamloops, BC will serve as the BC Team Selection Trials for the BC/Yukon Command Legion Team.

Selection criteria and standards for all 2020 BC Teams: 

BC Athletics is also pleased to announce the list of coaches, managers, and Sports Medicine Staff who have been named to the 2020 BC Track & Field Teams. BC Team Staff play an important role in supporting BC's top athletes as they prepare to compete at our National Championships. 

Team coaches, managers, and Sports Medicine Staff were selected by the Track & Field Committee and to have been considered for any staff positions with BC Athletics Teams, coaches and managers must have submitted an application and met the Requirements for BC Team Staff . 

2020 Team Staff

2020 BC Senior & U20 T&F Team - Montreal, QC - June 25-28th, 2020

Endurance & Walks Coach - Chris Johnson (Vancouver Thunderbirds)




Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach - Jessie Dosanjh (Universal Athletics Club)




Jumps Coach - Ziggy Szelagowicz (Kajaks Track & Field Club)




Throws Coach - Sheldan Gmitroski (Athletics Victoria)




Combined Events Coach - Pat Sima-Ledding (Okanagan Athletics Club)




Team Manager - Jeannie Cockcroft (Ocean Athletics)




Team Manager / Sports Medicine Staff - Tyler Dumont (Physiotherapist)






2020 BC/Yukon Command Legion Team - Sydney, NS - August 7-9, 2020

Head Coach / Endurance Coach - Allen Johnston (Nanaimo & District Track & Field Club)

Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach -  Christine Yamaoka (Kamloops Track & Field Club)

Jumps & Combined Events Coach - Laurier Primeau (UBC Track & Field Club)

Throws Coach - Thomas Willcox (Vancouver Thunderbirds)

Chaperone / Manager - Jeannie Cockcroft (Ocean Athletics)

Chaperone / Manager - Stephen Boylan (Coquitlam Cheetahs)

Legion Chaperone / Manager - TBA

Legion Chaperone / Manager - TBA



























If you have any questions or concerns with any of the selection criteria or standards please contact the BC Athletics Technical Manager, Chris Winter - chris.winter@bcathletics.org

***BC Athletics reserves the right to amend these documents at any time up to the Selection Date for changes imposed by parties external to BC Athletics, or for changes that, in the opinion of BC Athletics would improve or enhance the selection process. Any changes made by BC Athletics are deemed to come into effect immediately upon publication on the BC Athletics website. Additional publication of the amended Selection Criteria will be made by whatever means and wherever the original Selection Criteria was published.