BC Athletics Membership Fee Update

To: All BC Athletics Members and Member Clubs

Re: 2020 BC Athletics Membership Fees

Dear Members:

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding as the BC Athletics Board of Directors and Staff address the many issues that have resulted from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Its’ impact on Athletics and all other sports in British Columbia and across Canada has been significant but we are optimistic that here in BC we are moving cautiously towards a safe Return to Training that we are all eager for.

At the June 10th, 2020 BC Athletics Board of Directors meeting a decision was reached on the question of the 2020 BC Athletics Membership Fees. The decision of the Board is:

  1. Refunds:
    1. A decision was made to not provide refunds of BC Athletics Membership Fees for the 2020 Membership Year.
    2. The reasons for this decision include:
      1. All Insurance Coverage for Clubs and Individual members (Liability and Sport Accident) has continued to be in place.
      2. Discounts on programs, services and purchases through corporate partners have continued.
      3. BC Athletics Staff have continued to work remotely, providing support integral to: the Return to Sport – Training and Competition Plans, Event Management and Cancellation, ongoing COVID-19 updates, BC Athletics RECORD Newsletter and other COVID-19 related matters.
      4. BC Athletics Staff have continued to respond to BC Govt agencies on matters relating to sport during normal and COVID-19 times and to advocate on behalf of Clubs, Individual members and the Sport of Athletics in BC to municipal, provincial and national levels of Government.
      5. The BC Athletics Board of Directors has continued to meet and provide Governance decisions during both normal and COVID-19 times.
      6. Individuals who joined BC Athletics as early as Sept 1, 2019 have had opportunities up until Mid-March 2020 to take part in Club Training and BC Athletics sanctioned events in:
        1. Cross Country, Road Races, Indoor/Outdoor T&F, Mtn/Trail Running, Marathons, Ultras.
        2. BC Team program – Cross Country
        3. Officiating and Officials Training, Upgrading, Mentoring and Evaluation.
        4. Coaching Education – In-person and On-line NCCP Athletics Courses or Athletics Theory Modules, Mentoring, Professional Development, Evaluation, Coach and Athlete Webinars.
        5. Coaching Education Learning Facilitator Training
        6. Run Jump Throw Wheel Program:
          1. RJTW Leaning Facilitator and Instructor Training – in-person and online.
          2. RJTW Home Edition for Track Rascal and Junior Development members.
      7. BC Athletics, working in collaboration with viaSport and Athletics Canada, has approved and published its’ Return to Training Guidelines that will see athletes be able to return to training in their club and training group settings under these guidelines.
      8. The impact on the financial viability of BC Athletics to remain operational if refunds were offered to any or all members for 3 to 6 months could result in a need to discontinue all programs and services and close down all operations and staffing.
  1. Membership Discount for all 2020 BC Athletics Individual Members
    1. As part of the BC Athletics Board of Directors decision on Membership Fees for Individual members of BC Athletics:
      1. Individuals who were registered BC Athletics members for the 2020 Membership Year will be eligible for:
        1. A Discount Code valued at 25% of the individuals’ membership fee for 2021 - i.e. a Junior Development athlete (9 to 13 yrs) whose BC Athletics membership fee would normally be $60.00, would in 2021 be $45.00.
        2. This discount would be valid for renewing members only (those that were members for the 2020 BC Athletics Membership Year).
        3. Individual Members have the option of using or not using the 25% discount on their 2021 Renewing BC Athletics Membership.
        4. The Discount applies to all 2020 BC Athletics members regardless of the type of membership they have.

The BC Athletics Board of Directors and Staff appreciate and understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that COVID-19 has had on all of us and wish all of the individual and club members the very best as we continue to move forward together during these challenging times. We are optimistic that as restrictions loosen and we return to training, that sport can once again play an important part in ones’ mental and physical well-being and continue to contribute to building healthy communities.

We are available should you have any questions or need clarification on the decisions made regarding the BC Athletics 2020 membership fees.


Greg White, Chair

Brian McCalder

BC Athletics Board of Directors






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            BC Athletics Staff