Coach Membership Benefits, Policies & Obligations

BC Athletics Coach Membership

BC Athletics together with individual athletes and parents value the work and commitment of Coaches. Coaches are the backbone of athlete development. As a Coach Member of BC Athletics you are a valued leader in your club, school, university/college, community, region and province.

Benefits of a Coach Membership with BC Athletics

  • To assist Coaches, BC Athletics endeavors to provide the programs and services to assist them in their coaching career through:
    • BC Athletics and Athletics Canada Coach Membership
    • Coach education and training courses;
    • Professional development clinics and seminars;
    • Mentorship, conferences and workshops;
    • Access to grants and bursaries;
    • Technical assistance and resources;
    • BC Team Coach opportunities;
    • Accreditation at National Championships;
    • Discounts on BC Athletics programs and services;
    • Coach Liability Insurance – coverage limit $5 million – See below for Coach Liability Insurance Coverage – limitations
    • Accident and Sport Injury Insurance;
    • Retail partner discounts; and
    • Coach recognition programs.

BC Athletics Policies, Programs and Acknowledgements

  • BC Athletics (inclusive of Athletics Canada and Canadian Sport) Policies, Programs and Acknowledgements, as developed and approved by the Membership, are designed to ensure a safe, inclusive and positive environment for Coaches and the Athletes they coach. These policies and acknowledgements  include but are not limited to:
    • Coach Membership Policy:
      • Individuals coaching in a BC Athletics Member Club, School or University/College must have a BC Athletics Coach Membership. Link:
      • Individuals who are not members of a BC Athletics member club, school, university/college can also be a Coach member of BC Athletics. They are referred to as Unattached (Coach) Members. Membership Link:
        • Note: Unattached Coach Members of BC Athletics must provide the following:
          • Where they are coaching – City/Town; Venue (i.e. facility, park)
          • When they are coaching – Time of Day, Days of the  Week, Months of the Year
          • What events they are coaching – i.e. distance/middle running, jumps, throws, sprints/hurdles, walks, throws, combined events
          • Who they are coaching:
            • Provide a list of the individuals and their Year of Birth being coached; and
            • The approval of the Parent/Guardian if the individual is under the age of consent. The age of consent in British Columbia is 19.
    • NCCP Number:
  • Criminal Records Check: (see BC Athletics Risk Management Policy and Criminal Records Check Requirements
    • A Criminal Records Check is required for all Coach Members.
    • It is valid for four years and must be renewed prior the end of the 4th year.
    • A valid Criminal Records Check must be on file with:
      • The Coaches’ Club, School, University/College – see your club, school or university/college for that information and process; or
      • For Unattached Coaches – it must be on file with BC Athletics.
      • Complete the following request form: Criminal Records Check Request – Unattached Members
  • Coaching Education – Minimum Standards for BC Athletics Coach Membership:
    • BC Athletics Coach Members are required to be: In-Training (in the first 2 yrs of coaching if new to coaching), Trained or Certified in Athletics through the Athletics Canada NCCP Coaching Certification Program delivered through BC Athletics or other Athletics Cd Branches.
      • Experienced Coaches (more than 2 yrs of Coaching) – must be Trained or Certified
      • New to Coaching:
        • Register as a Coach Member of BC Athletics and get a NCCP Number
        • Criminal Records Check – is required to register as a Coach Member of BC Athletics. See:
      • Coach Training:
        • 1st Year – by the end of your 1st year of Coaching you need to be In-training (enrolled in an NCCP Athletics Coaching course; or a Run Jump Throw Wheel Course; or the Making Ethical Decisions [MED] Course)
          • Note: The Coach Training you take and/or aspire to should reflect the development level of the athletes you are coaching.
        • 2nd Year – by the end of your 2nd year of Coaching you need to be Trained (having completed a Run Jump Throw Wheel course; or Athletics Sport, Club or the Road Running Instructor/Coach course; AND completed the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Course.
  • Coach Certification: see Certification Explained
    • Certification is required for the following Regional, Provincial, and National Team Coaching Staff positions:
      • Regional Coaches (BC Games) – Head Coach Club Coach Certified – Assistant Coaches Sport Coach Trained or Certified – includes making Ethical Decisions
      • NAIG Teams (North American Indigenous Games) – minimum Sport Coach Certified
      • BC Athletics Teams - Head Coach – Certified Performance Coach, all other coaches – minimum Club Coach Certified
      • Canada Summer Games - Head Coach – Certified Performance Coach, all other coaches – minimum Performance Coach Trained or Certified
      • Athletics Canada Team – minimum Performance Coach Certified
  • Coach Liability Insurance Coverage – limitations
    • Applies to and is Limited to the coaching of only BC Athletics members;
    • Does not apply to activities related to day to day business operations outside of coaching BC Athletics members.
      • See membership link for the BC Athletics membership types of Competitive; Limited Competitive; Day of Event.

Obligations as a Coach Member of BC Athletics

  • An Athletics Coach/Run Leader/Instructor is critical to the long term development of an athlete. The impact on an athlete (competitive, recreational or beginner) is well known – Great Coaches Build Great Athletes. BC Athletics is committed to ensuring that every athlete has a fun, safe and positive environment in which to train and compete. Through Coaching Education and associated Policies, Programs and Acknowledgements BC Athletics works to ensure that exists both on and off the training and competitive fields of play.
  • As a Coach Member of BC Athletics you are obligated to:
    • Be a Coach member in good standing with BC Athletics;
    • Be a NCCP Trained or Certified Athletics Coach;
    • Continue to learn and share your expertise with other coaches;
    • Respect and abide by the BC Athletics, Athletics Canada and Canadian Sport Policies, Programs and Acknowledgements as identified and those added or amended from time to time;
    • Be a positive role model to all athletes, parents, coaches and others you associate with; and
    • Ensure a Safe, Fun and Positive environment for the athletes you coach and others you associate with.

Thank you very much for your commitment to Coaching.


BC Athletics Board of Directors, Membership and Staff.


BC Teams

Apply now for the 2023 BC XC Team Staff  (Applications accepted until to Wednesday September 20 2023)

This is a great volunteer opportunity to support our BC Athletes at the National Championship level.

The perks of the job include: 

  • Travel expenses and accommodation provided for the duration of the event
  • Meal per diem (when meals not provided)
  • BC Team Kit
  • Championship Coaching Pass
  • NCCP Pro D Points
  • Supporting BC Team athletes in a National Championships environment 
  • Requirements for BC Team Staff 

Team Staff Responsibilities

Team Staff Forms

2023 Team Staff

2023 BC Senior & U20 T&F Team - Langley, BC July 27-30, 2023
Head / Para Coach - Bruce Deacon (Prairie Inn Harriers)  
Endurance & Walks Coach - Harpreet Sandhu (Langley Mustangs)  
Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach -  Mike Viers (Nanaimo Track & Field Club)  
Jumps Coach - Elena Voloshin (NorWesters)  
Throws Coach - Sheldan Gmitroski (Athletics Victoria)  
Combined Events Coach - Trevor Wight (Valley Royals)  
Team Manager - Kathy Andrews (Unattached)  
Sports Medicine Staff - Tyler Dumont, Steph McCann, Nadine Nembhard  

2023 BC/Yukon Command Legion Team - Sherbrooke, QC - August 11-13, 2023

Head Coach / Endurance Coach - Scott Svelander (Valley Royals)
Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach -  Byron Jack (Vancouver Thunderbirds/Kajaks Track & Field Club)
Jumps & Combined Events Coach - Jamie Sinclair (Trinity Western University)
Throws Coach - Agnes Esser (Athletics Victoria)
Chaperone / Manager - Lauren Matheson (Prince George Track & Field Club)
Chaperone / Manager - Ted de St. Croix (Ocean Athletics Track & Field Club)
Legion Chaperone / Manager - TBA
Legion Chaperone / Manager - TBA
2023 BC Cross Country Team - Ottawa, ON 
Head Coach -   
Team Coach -   
Team Coach -   
Team Coach -   
Team Manager -   
Sports Medicine Staff -   








Coaching Opportunities

The following clubs and/or organizations are looking for Coaches:

Lead Coach JD Program Kajaks Track & Field Club - posted 8/22/22

Publications Catalog

BC Athletics offers a selection of publications related to rules, coaching, training and fitness. The following titles are available for purchase through the BC Athletics office. 

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Please note that all entry data, including personal information and payment information, has been encrypted for your protection. 

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Better Training for Distance Runners

Better Training for Distance Runners provides a prescription for success for today's competitive distance runners and their coaches. The book combines recent research, sound training principles, and proven program strategies to improve performance in events ranging from the 800-meters to the marathon.

Runners and coaches will find it easy to apply the book's cutting-edge information about running physiology and biomechanics. They`ll receive straightforward advice for conditioning and competing in the whole range of distance events. The book also covers many popular topics in running, including how to:
• accurately assess running fitness
• gauge training intensity
• adjust training loads to achieve peak readiness for competition
• determine the most effective racing strategy for each event
• stay healthy throughout a running career

Authors Dr. David Martin and Peter Coe are the perfect team for translating lab findings to the road and running track. As one of the world`s foremost researchers on running, Martin regularly tests elite runners to identify their best strategies for staying healthy and improving fitness. Peter Coe, father and coach of 800- and 1000-meter world record holder Sebastian Coe, has long been regarded as a master of devising training plans that allow athletes to reach peak fitness when it counts most. Together, Martin and Coe present the most comprehensive and useful resource on the art and science of distance running—the formula that has produced many national championship, Olympic medal, and world record performances.

Better Training for Distance Runners builds upon the success of the first edition by providing loads of new information, such as the effects of altitude training and glycerin loading, the health problems experienced by women runners who may be too thin, and the best strategies for running road races and the steeplechase. It`s an essential guide and a great read for serious distance runners and coaches who desire to excel in future seasons and events.

Price: $26.25 + GST

Getting Started in Track & Field

Ron Parker is a Canadian coach based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, the site of the 1984 Commonwealth Games. Ron is a former national champion in the decathlon and wrote the first edition of this book in 1976. He has coached since 1962. The purpose of Ron's book is: "This manual is for beginner coaches working with young athletes." 

Getting Started is a very attractive text. Glossed paper, colour photographs, diagrams and sequences of teenage athletes - an invaluable source of what teens look like as they master event techniques. This book provides the reality of developing athletes and provides exceptional insights into throws were Parker has provided several sequences. 

Price: $19.34 + GST

IAAF Competition Rules 2018-2019

Essential in every coach’s track bag is the most recent IAAF-approved Competition Rule Book for the 2018-2019 season. With a foreword by IAAF President Seb Coe, this pocket-sized guide includes the official rules for International Competition, Eligibility, Anti-Doping and Medical Rules, Disputes and Disciplinary Proceedings, and Technical Rules for both stadia (Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field) and non-stadia events (Cross Country, Race Walking, Trail and Road races).  

Price: $20.00 + GST and postage

Running in the Zone

Twenty-six runners ranging in age from 46 to 76 share their secrets, motivations and experiences in the fields of running. All are active runners and many presently hold world age-class records. Some have held world records and have achieved world level performances at the Olympics, Commonwealth and European games. But, Running in the Zone isn’t about super achievement, it is about getting the most out the running experience regardless of age or even ability.

Price: $29.95 + GST

Front Cover

Scoring Tables for Men's & Women's Combined Events

IAAF Scoring Tables for Combined Events (2001 Edition) now includes the events needed to score the women's decathlon (as directed by the 2001 Edmonton Congress). The book also includes a brief history of combined events competition (pentathlon, decathlon, heptathlon), an account of the evolution of the tables, rules, how to score, and of course full scoring tables for outdoor and indoor combined events competitions (60m, 60mH, 1000m), men and women.

Price: $15.00 + GST


The Complete Book of Throws

From the basic biomechanics of throwing to in-depth information on the discus, javelin, hammer, and shot put, Complete Book of Throws brings it all together to improve your techniques—and your distance!

Complete Book of Throws takes the techniques and conditioning programs of the most accomplished coaches in each event and presents them in a way that athletes can understand and coaches can adapt to create a winning program. Whether you're just starting out in the event or preparing your team for competition at the highest level, you'll find the conditioning and training specifics you need to strength your body, improve your form, and push your performance to the edge.

Four-time Olympian and six-time discus world-record holder Jay Silvester covers specific strength training and conditioning techniques, including training for athletes in multiple throwing events. World-class coaches complete the picture with in-depth coverage of each throw technique. Sport-specific strength conditioning, periodization, and effective energy transfer are all covered in this practical guide, along with detailed illustrations that walk you through every phase of each throw.

In addition to serving as the Olympic throws coach for Team USA 2000, Silvester has coached five NCAA discus champions. Now he leads a team of top-notch coaches in creating the ultimate resource for athletes and coaches alike. If you are seeking to enhance your coaching technique, refine your athletes' technique, or improve their throws, the Complete Book of Throws has the details and instructions you need.

Price:$25.00 + GST

Training for Young Distance Runners

Race your best this season with science-based training specifically geared for teenage runners. Your performance will soar when you follow the proven guidelines on designing customized daily, weekly, and seasonal programs.

Running experts Larry Greene and Russ Pate combine the latest research with what works in the most successful high school and college programs throughout the country. You'll learn how to optimize performance through tempo running, interval training, technique drills, circuit and weight training, and flexibility exercises. And you'll gain a competitive advantage by applying guidelines for choosing the best foods and nutritional supplements, developing mental fitness, and preventing injuries.

Training for Young Distance Runners has everything you need to build a winning training program for cross country, track and field, and road racing events. Get this book and get ahead of the pack! 

Price: $22.00 + GST

Winning Canadian Runners

In this collection of profiles, 30 top Canadian runners (13 women and 17 men) discuss their successes and setbacks, their motivation, their training, and their races. Twelve of these runners are Olympians, six are Commonwealth Games medallists, and twenty-four have been national champions. 

John Cobley has been editor of BC Athletics Record since 1987. A runner himself for the past 36 years, he competed for Brighton and Hove AC in England and for BYU in the USA. He now runs for pleasure and fitness. John has been publishing articles on running since 1966. He makes his home in Victoria, BC, where he works as a consultant, tutor and instructor in business writing. 

Price: $5.00 + GST

Image result for winning jumps and [pole vault

Winning Jumps and Pole Vault

This book presents the world's top track and field coaches. This is the world's top track and field resource. Long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault. From techniques and training to strategy and mental preparation, "Winning Jumps and Pole Vault" is the only book that covers it all. Renowned coach Ed Jacoby and the all-star line-up of Cliff Rovelto, Tom and Kyle Tellez, Irving Boo Schexnayder, Greg Hull, Will Freeman, and Keith Henschen share the secrets and strategies that have produced 62 NCAA champions, 15 Olympic gold medalists, and numerous other U.S. and world medalists and champions. Every phase of every event - from approach to takeoff to landing - is described to convey proper technique. Learn how to recognize and correct common technical flaws and rely on over 25 event-specific drills to perfect technique. With pre event preparation, conditioning programs, and jump and vault strategies, "Winning Jumps and Pole Vault" is the one resource track and field coaches and athletes can't afford to be without.

Price: $20.00 + GST

Last updated: 05/18/16

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  • iPerformance Sport & Performance, Psychology Mental Skills Trainer,                         By iPerformance Psychology
    iPerformance Psychology is the world’s most advanced sport and performance psychology app. This app is a standalone utility for training athletes to help them reach their peak performance levels. Using a combination of tried and true sport and performance psychology assessments, meditations, exercises, worksheets, games, routines, and more, the iPerformance Sport & Performance Psychology Mental Skills Trainer acts as personal advisor and trainer for those wishing to improve their mental preparation and focus for sporting events.
  • $0.99 from the iTunes store:


Technology Resources

  • Coaches of BC - Performance Analysis Toolkit     
  • Coaches of BC has developed a unique solution to provide coaches with access to the highest quality of education and development through a Performance Analaysis Toolkit.  The tool kit will contain portable technology and iPads loaded with the most up-to-date software.
  • The Toolkit includes:
    • Go Pro Camera - A water proof, shock proof camera that you can secure to your athletes body, helmet, ect to record a first hand view of what your athlete experiences.
    • Swivl Cam and athlete sensor - This device requires you to attach the sensor to the athlete you wish to record and then uses your IPad to video tape.
    • iPad (4th Generation with Retina Display) with Griffin Survivor Case (a water proof, shock proof case that allows coaches to utilize the technology in all weather conditions).
    • Loaded with Apps! Performance analysis, fitness, sport, nutrition and much more. For an exclusive list of all apps click here.
    • Technology Tutorial Sessons.  Tutorials available upon request, consisting of lessons on how to use the various App's as well as the equipment provided.  All tutorials wil take place online via our Fuzemeeting software.  
  • For more information and to register online see

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