Race Walk Victoria

Date: February 24, 2013
Type: Race Walking, Race Walking
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Contact name: Helen Jaques
Contact phone: 250-479-7872
Contact email: hjaques@shaw.ca

Competition Results

2013 Racewalk Victoria (sanctioned)-Results


Place: Galloping Goose/Lochside Trail- recertified 2.5k/1.5k out and back course

Starting time- 10am

Weather- cool, light wind, 15min light shower

Starter- Rafe Duke

Timer- Dave Hopkins

Recorder- Sara Henderson

Judges- Heather Climenhaga (chief judge), Dave Weicker, Suzanne Gaby, Helen Jaques


This was our 15th Racewalk Victoria Event. Special thanks to Rafe Duke and Dave Hopkins who have officiated at every one of them. Also thank you Gary Duncan for doing such a great job of getting the course recertified at short notice.

Next year’s race- Sun, Feb 23, 2014



Juvenile 1500m


     1. Jacqueline Gaby 9:50


Open Women 5k

  1. Natalie Henderson 31:40
  2. Aimee Henderson 32:27- first 5k


Masters Women 5k

      1. Kathleen Kane  37:50

      2. Gail Fennell 40:37


Masters Men 5k

  1. Henri Charrois 28:55

Open Women 10k

  1. Katelynn Ramage 53:57- personal best


Helen Jaques- Race Director