BC Teams

This is a great volunteer opportunity to support our BC Athletes at the National Championship level.

The perks of the job include: 

  • Travel expenses and accommodation provided for the duration of the event
  • Meal per diem (when meals not provided)
  • BC Team Kit
  • Championship Coaching Pass
  • NCCP Pro D Points
  • Supporting BC Team athletes in a National Championships environment 
  • Requirements for BC Team Staff 

Team Staff Responsibilities

Team Staff Forms


2024 Canadian Olympic Trials & Canadian U20 Track & Field Championships
June 26-30, 2024 | Montreal, QC

Bruce Deacon Head Coach / Para Coach Prarie Inn Harriers
Chris Johnson Endurance & Walks Coach Vancouver Thunderbirds
Pat Sima-Ledding Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach Okanagan Athletics
Elena Voloshin Jumps Coach NorWesters Track & Field Club
Sheldan Gmistroski Throws Coach Athletics Victoria
Michaela Colluney Combined Events Coach Kajaks Track & Field Club
Kala Stone Team Manager Victoria Endurance Track Club
Jacob Emerson Team Manager Kajaks Track & Field Club
TBD Team IST  
TBD Team IST  


2024 Royal Canadian Youth Track & Field Championships
August 7-13, 2024 | Calgary, AB

Mike Viers Head Coach / Sprints, Hurdles & Relays Coach Nanaimo Track & Field Club
Kathy Andrews Endurance Unattached BC
Ross Browne Jumps / Combined Events Prince George Track & Field Club
Darren Willis Throws Alberny Valley Track & Field Club
TBA Team Manager  
TBA Team Manager  
TBA Legion Chaperone  
TBA Legion Chaperone  

Become A Coach

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Begin your NCCP journey 
  • Decide which coaching stream fits you best
    • Grass Roots (RJTW - elementary school athletes)
    • Introductory (Sport Coach - coach more than one event area)
    • Competition (Club Coach - coach one event group at a high school/ provincial level)
    • Performance (Performance Coach - coach one event group at a national level)

Step 4:

Step 5:

NCCP Breakdown

Steps to become a certified coach (generalized):

  1. Choose the stream that best suits the athletes you are coaching
    • Road Running Leader
    • Grass Roots (RJTW)
    • Introductory (Sport Coach)
    • Competition (Club Coach)
    • Performance (Performance Coach)
  2. Attend the NCCP in person course associated with your stream
    • Find courses here 
  3. Complete your Locker requirements
    • Make Ethical Decisions evaluation 
    • Long Term Athlete Development module 
  4. Register for an evaluation 
    • Portfolio evaluation
    • Practice observation 

Steps to become a certified coach (in addition to general path):

Sport Coach

  • Foundations of Coaching
  • MED online course (or challenge the evaluation)

Club Coach

  • Foundations of Coaching
  • MED online course (or challenge the evaluation)

Performance Coach (Club Coach status required prior to Performance Coach)

  • Leading Drug Free Sport (online course + evaluation)
  • Performance Coach Pre-Learning (Strength, Nutrition Recovery & Prevention, Physiology & Biomechanics, Planning)
  • Competition Observation 

Coaching Resources

 BCA Policies, Programs and Acknowledgements:

National Coaching Associations:

International Associations:

  • World Athletics