2021 Membership Year

Preparations for the 2021 membership year should start as of September 1st to make sure that your members and your club’s 2021 membership are in place when the year turns over and all benefits, including insurance coverage, are in place on January 1, 2021.  

Here is a checklist of everything that needs to be completed in order for your 2021 club membership to be in place.  Once the checkslist items are all completed, the club membership application for 2021 will be presnted to the BC Athletics Board of Directors for final approval:

  1. Pay all outstanding BC Athletics invoices
  2. Pay all Trackie.me membership invoices for 2020
  3. Renew your club membership on Trackie.me for 2021
  4. Pay the club membership fee for 2021
  5. Get Trackie.me Access Waivers in place for 2021 so those who need it have access to Trackie.me beginning 1/1/21.
  6. Get a minimum of 5, BC Athletics individual memberships in place as of 1/1/21. 
  7. Make sure your club executive/Board of Directors/Managers have their 2021 BC Athletics membership in place as of 1/1/21. 

2021 Individual Memberships:

  1. The base fees will remain the same for 2021
  2. Only those who held a 2020 membership will be eligible for the 25% discount
  3. Coach, Official and Associate memberships must have either a current CRC noted on Trackie.me or have the date they submitted their CRC noted.  Members have 2 months from the date they sign up to get their CRC completed and noted on Trackie.me.
  4. Coach memberships must have an NCCP# noted on their membership along with the CRC information.
  5. All memberships can be renewed for 2021 beginnin September 1, 2020

25% Discount for 2020 renewing members:

  1. A code will be sent by email to all 2020 BC Athletics members for them to use if they wish when renewing for 2021.
  2. The code will be used when individuals renew for 2021
  3. The code will also be integrated into club membership forms on Trackie.Reg for clubs who have their membership sign-up done that way.

The importance of up to date member contact information:

          COVID19 brought home the importance of making sure that each and every member has the correct and most current contact information on Trackie.me.  All member contact information must be monitored and kept current.  Contact information must be checked and updated each year the member renews. 

Access to Trackie.me:

  1. Only those individuals who have a Trackie.me Access waiver on file are permitted to have access. 
  2. Trackie.me Access Waivers must be submitted each membership year.
  3. The email address given for access must not be a general club email address that others may have access to.  It should be a personal email address.
  4. The access given must be kept strictly confidential and it is ONLY for the person noted on the waiver.  It must not be shared with anyone else in the club or elsewhere. 
  5. Access is not transferable to anyone else.  If someone with approved T.me access leaves their position in the club BC Athletics must be advised so their access is cancelled.  Whoever takes over the position must file a Trackie.me Access Waiver for their own use.
  6. If these rules are not followed access will be cancelled.

Setting up Access for Trackie.me (NEW PROCEDURE FOR 2021):

  1. Club membership is renewed on Trackie.me for 2021. 
  2. Both the club executive member requesting access and the individual to receive access to Trackie.me must have a 2021 BC Athletics Associate membership and a current Criminal Records Check in place.
  3. Club executive submits a 2021 Trackie Membership Database Access Request Form.
  4. Both the club executive and the individual to receive access will receive email notification that the form has been submitted.
  5. Once the individual to receive access receives the email notification he/she completes a 2021 BC Athletics Trackie.me Privacy Waiver. 
  6. Once the Privacy Waiver has been submitted and the individual will have access to Trackie.me.  
    • NEW ACCESS - If the individual has not had access to Trackie.me previously he/she will receive a separate email with information on setting up his/her access
    • RETURNING ACCESS - if the individual has had access previously set up he/she can continue to have access through the signin-in previously set up
  7. Questions??  contact Sam Collier 

Criminal Records Check Requirements:

 Both a Criminal Records Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check must be submitted.  Make sure both are checked off on the request for the CRC.         

There are still a number of members that require a Criminal Records Check but don’t have them listed on Trackie.me  This is either because there is no CRC in place or the information has not been updated on T.me.

This is a critical requirement and those who must have a CRC in place (Officials, Associate and Coach membership types) have 2 months from the time the membership is entered on Trackie.me to get their CRC done and the information updated on Trackie.me.  If the CRC is not completed and entered within 2 months the membership will be suspended.


2021 2nd Claim Club Status

2021 Club Transfer Request

2021 Trackie Membership Database Request Form (to be completed by a club executive member)