Current BC Athletics Membership Lists

The following lists are provided for BC Athletics sanctioned events.

 Athletes wishing to participate in a full Track & Field meet must have a Competitive membership in place - with the exception of BC Athletics Post-Secondary Club Team Members (see below).

The variance for Training members to enter sanctioned events by paying a $3.00 Day of Event fee is no longer in place for 2022. 

The following lists were updated Thursday, June 30th, 2022 

BC Athletics COMPETITIVE Athlete Members

Out of Province COMPETITIVE Athletes competing in BC


BC Athletics COACHES

BC Athletics School Club & School District Members  2021-2022

BC Athletics Post-Secondary Club Team Members  BC Athletics Post-Secondary ClubTeam Members are able to enter BC Athletics sanctioned events by paying a $3.00 Day of Event Fee.  The team members on this list fall in to that category)  This options for entry into BC Athletics sanctioned events is only available from September 1s through to the end of the university season - May 31st.

Note: Members signing up after these lists ARE POSTED can be checked using the BCA Number Checker