2022 AGM Resolutions

2022 BC Athletics Annual General Meeting

August 20th, 2022

Motions for consideration by the Membership:




The BC Jamboree features the 4x100 and 4X400 relays for both men and women. Low entry numbers make it a necessity to combine the age groups to form open teams. Participation over the past few years has been low and the events are able to be run as a single heat. The relays occur at the end of the meet and the Jamboree is often the last meet of the season. Both factors contribute towards the relatively poor participation.

While the BC Jamboree has the more traditional Olympic relay distances of 4X100 and 4X400 these are not the full complement of the World Athletics recognized relays. World Athletics hosts a World Relay championships that includes other relays such as the 4x200, mixed 4x400, 4x800, 4x1500, Sprint Medley, and Distance Medley.

Relays play an important role in athlete development and are used to build team/club/school unity, teach teamwork, and encourage a love for the sport.


It is proposed that BC Athletics sanctions a provincial relay championships that include a greater breadth of relays. It is recommended that this is a single day meet held in late April or early May. This meet would be full medal status and would allow teams to configure teams based on the age of the oldest runner on each team (i.e., U16, U18, U20, Senior, Masters).

It is recommended that Section 11.3 of the BC Athletics Policies and Procedures be amended to include a hosting grant for these championships.

Mover Bruce Deacon

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Dacre Bowen

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The BC Jamboree schedule does not provide sufficient time to feature all of the relays and that relays are an important part of building team cohesion, supporting a love of the sport, and developing versatile athletes,


BC Athletics would host a one-day provincial relay championship early in the track and field season.

Reference BC Athletics Policies and Procedures - page #, section, paragraph

Section 11.3 would need to be amended to include a reasonable hosting grant to support this new event.

Additional documentation can be submitted with the Resolution here:

BC Relays Championships Proposal.docx

The BC Athletics Board of Directors supports this motion.

#2.     BC Cross Country Championships

Mover - John Machuga

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Seconder - Colin Dignum

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In the BC Cross Country Championships, the current rules are that:

  • U18 Females run 4km.
  • U18 Males run 5km.
  • In BC School Sports:
  • U18 Females (Seniors) run 5km
  • U18 Males (Seniors) run 5km

And Whereas: That when the athletes transition to USports the athletes will run:

USport Women - 8 km

USport Men – 8 km  

NCAA 6 to 8 km depending on division.

And Whereas: The BC Athletics Cross Country Committee is looking to align the distances across the U18 age group genders (F & M) with those run at the BC High School Cross Country Championships.


The U18 Female distance at the BC Athletics Cross Country Championships be changed to 5km, effective 2022, from the current 4km.

Reference BC Athletics Policies and Procedures - page #, section, paragraph

BC Athletics Events and Technical Specifications for Athletics Manual 5.2 Cross Country – U16 to Master Cross Country Championship Race Distances The BC Athletics Cross Country Committee fully supports the U18 Female distance change moving up to 5km.

BC Athletics Policies and Procedures

The BC Athletics Board of Directors supports this motion.