Criminal Records Check Requirements

Criminal Records Check Requirements

  • All BC Athletics members with a Coach, Associate or Official membership must have a Criminal Records Check in place and noted on the membership database. 
  • Both a Criminal Records Check AND a Vulnerable Sector Check is required.  Be sure to indicate both.
  • Criminal Records Checks are valid for a period of 5 years with BC Athletics.

NOTE:  The process for obtaining a Criminal Records Check has changes as of 10/5/2019.  

Unattached Members:

Request for a Criminal Records Check Form

BC Athletics Affiliated Club Members:

Club members must get their CRC done through their clubs.  In most cases CRC's can be done online however with the change in how they must be submitted this may no longer be available (on-line) through your club.  Where not available CRC's are obtained at local police stations and RCMP detachments.

Club members with a Coach, Associate or Officials membership must have a current Criminal Records Check (CRC) on file with the club.  This is a BC Athletics rule and a requirement by the Province of British Colubmia.  Without the required CRC's in place the club runs the risk of compromising the liability insurance coverage provided through membership with BC Athletics.

Beginning in 2019 clubs will not be able to enter Associate, Coach or Official members unless the CRC for the individual has been submitted for approval.  The date the CRC was submitted will be required to enter the individual's membership.  Once the approved CRC has been received the club Registrar will need to enter the date the CRC was received was approved on the individual's membership.  

On-line Criminal Records Checks can be set up by specified organizations through the Povince of BC Criminal Records Review Program. 

General Information


Individuals who are required to have a current CRC as part of their employment and have a CRC on file with their employer can complete a Voluntary Declaration Form (VDF) indicating the organization holding the current CRC.