Requirements for Coaches, Officals and Associates

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  • ​All BC Athletics members aged 19+, with a Coach, Official, AND/OR Associate membership, must have a current CRC submitted to BC Athletics. 
  • Criminal Records Checks are recommended for individuals under 19 years of age but are optional.  If you fall into this age category and choose not to have a CRC done please indicate so when completing the "Request for a Criminal Records Check form - see link below.
  • NEW - Beginning in 2024 - New members who have never had a CRC on file with BC Athletics previously can take out a membership but the CRC must be completed for the membership to be fully in place.  The membership will remain PENDING until the CRC is completed.  
  • NEW - Beginning in 2024 - Existing members with an expiring CRC on file must have their CRC renewed prior to renewing their membership.  Once a CRC is expired the membership will be tagged as PENDING until the new CRC is in place..
  • Memberships will remain PENDING until The CRC is completed.  Members can not actively participate until the CRC is received by BC Athletics.
  • Criminal Records Checks are valid for a period of 5 years with BC Athletics.



Beginning in the 2024 membership year, all coach, official, and associate members are required to complete CAC SafeSport Training 2024 Memberships will remain “Pending” until the member has completed the course.

  1. Login or sign up to the NCCP Locker and complete the course here
    (You need a NCCP number in order to take the course. If you do not have one, create one HERE.)
  2. Be sure to indicate your sport as Athletics
  3. Once you have completed the course, please email to confirm your completion. 

Note: If you've taken the SafeSport Training course through another sport you are not required to take it again as long as it shows on The Locker as being completed