Request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

  • For day to day club operations and use of training facilities, club meetings where the facilities are owned by Cities and/or Schools/School Districts.
  • This form is not used for insurance for competitions/camps/clinics etc.  Events receive COI's through the sanctioning process.  See the Resources/Event Directing page.

In most cases, facilities requesting a COI will accept a copy of the Master Certificate.  All BC Athletics affiiated clubs are noted on the certificate.  Download a copy and keep it on file.  The policy runs from August 14th to August 14th. 

Please complete all fields and if you have questions please contact Sam Collier.

  • Please note that COI's are processed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week at Sport BC Insurance.  
  • Before you complete the form be sure you know all the parties to be noted as additional insured and have contacts with the correct email addresses for them.
  • COI's will not be backdated.  If a date previous to the date the COI was received is given, the COI will be dated from the date the request was received.
  • COI's are only effective during the current years policy which runs from August to August.  If you are requesting a date range that ends later than August 14th you will need to re-submit the COI request to cover the period after August 14th.
  • If the end date for the CRC is in the next membership year - the club must be renewed on before a CRC can be issued for any dates in the next year.

Request for a Certificate of Insurance