Purpose and Benefits of Sanctioning Events

As the Provincial Branch of Athletics Canada and World Athletics (WA), BC Athletics and its Divisions have the responsibility for the sanctioning of Athletics (Cross Country Running [including Trail and Mountain], Race Walk, Road Race [including Marathons and Ultras] and Track & Field) events/competitions in British Columbia. The purposes and benefits of sanctioning, as outlined below, are of value to the participant, event organizer, sponsors, facility/venue owners and the viewing public. Sanctioning events supports the goal of staging quality events and helps to support the development of programs and services in Cross Country Running, Race Walking, Road Running and Track & Field throughout British Columbia.

Event Sanctioning

Purpose of sanctioning:

  1. Insures a commitment by the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with the IAAF, Athletics Canada and BC Athletics rules.
  2. Insures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner.
  3. Insures the recognition of results (provided there is compliance with #1 above).
  4. Insures that the event meets a standard of quality required for sanctioning by BC Athletics.

Benefits of sanctioning your event:

  • Liability Insurance - is required either through the coverage provided by BC Athletics or alternative insurance provided by the event organizer.
  • Technical Assistance - Advice and support for the event where needed.
  • Officials - Access to Certified Technical Officials (as required) to officiate the event.
  • Calendar of Events - Listing and Promotion through both the electronic and print versions at no charge and identifies it as a Sanctioned Event.
  • Equipment and Services - Discounts on BC Athletics equipment rental and associate services (as available). See www.bcathletics.org/EventDirectors/ or contact bcathletics@bcathletics.org
  • Cross Country Course Inspection and Review - Access to information, process and contacts for the review and inspection of Cross Country, Trail and Mountain Running courses.
  • Road Course Measurement and Certification - Access to information, process and contacts for the measurement and certification of Road Running and Race Walking (road) courses.
  • Track & Field Facility Review and Inspection - Access to information, process and contacts for the review and inspection of Track & Field facilities.
  • Results - Recognition of results for the purpose of: rankings, records; prizing; selection; and funding.
  • Event Participation - Increases the base of potential entrants in your event with over 80,000 club and school members throughout British Columbia.
  • Increased Prestige - For many events, the BC Athletics sanction improves the event's public perception. A sanction lets the participants know that the event will be run in accordance with the applicable rules.
  • Logos and Marks - A sanctioned event has the right to use the BC Athletics and Division logos to promote the fact that the provincial governing body has sanctioned the event. These are available at: www.bcathletics.org/EventDirectors/#logos
  • Dispute Resolution - If requested, BC Athletics will assist in the process of resolving issues (outside of the competition) between the event participants and the sanctioned event.

Sanctioning Competitions

See the Forms Library for the forms to sanction events and the BC Athletics Sanctioned Events Submission Form.

To access these services for your sanctioned event, answer any questions you have or access more information please contact the BC Athletics Office at: