Track & Field Meet Sanctioning


How the Sanctioning Process Works

There are four (4) Steps to Sanctioning:

  1. Use the online event calendar to ensure that the event is listed at least a year prior to the event. (All events must appear on the BC Athletics Calendar of events a miniumum of 30 days prior to the first day of competition.)
  2. Submit sanctioning application form 15 days prior to event. 
  3. Two (2) weeks to one month prior to the event, the Meet Director will receive insurance documents.
  4. Within Two week post event, submit results files & Post Event Submission Form (Insurance) to BC Athletics

Step 1. List Event on BC Athletics Calendar of Events:

***Events must appear on the BC Athletics Calendar of events minimum of 30 days prior to the first day of competition.**

Submit your Event HERE

Step 2. Sanctioning Application:

BC Athletics Sanction Form *Online Version is preferred.

Once the BC Athletics Sanction Form is completed, submit it to the BC Athletics office with the appropriate fee, a draft of the entry form and drafts of any additional promotional material for your event. Sanction forms are to be submitted 3 months prior to your event wherever possible. 

There are three options for Track & Field Meet Sanctoning:

Approval of Sanctioning

Once the BC Athletics office has received all of the above information your sanction request will be processed. You will be contacted with any additional questions. You will be sent notification from BC Athletics.

Adding Events Post Sanctioning

Adding Events post sanctioning (Addition of an event(s) to the published list of events to be held at a BC Athletics sanctioned competition must be made not less than 15 days prior to the start of the 1st day of competition)

Updated Lists

No later than 2 days prior to your event, BC Athletics will send via e-mail or fax you a list of any additional BC Athletics members who have signed up since the original membership list was sent to you. You will also need to check the updated list even on the day of the event. If you have any further questions please contact Sam Collier - Manager, Registration & Membership Services at (604) 333- 3550 or

Membership Requirements

All BC Athletics sanctioned events require that all the participants/entrants be annual athlete members of BC Athletics or the equivalent from another provincial, state or national athletics association. Those who are not can become BC Athletics members for the Day(s) of the event.

Liability Insurance Coverage for BC Athletics Sanctioned Events

BC Athletics sanctioned events are required to have liability insurance. Event organizers can choose to:

  1. Provide their own Alternative Liability Insurance coverage as approved by BC Athletics. (Additional Forms must be included as part of sanctioning application). 
    1. Waiver and Indemnity Form
    2. BC Athletics Alternative Liability Insurance Checklist
  2. Take the coverage provided through BC Athletics.

***After checking with your local municipality, civic offices and departments, Ministry of Highways, local law enforcement or Parks Boards etc. fill out and submit to B.C. Athletics the B.C. Athletics Sanction form indicating any parties who must be named for insurance coverage. Be sure to get the exact wording required.

Step 3. Sanctioning Approval

Two (2) weeks to one month prior to the event, the Meet Director will receive confirmation of their sanctioning as well as their insurance documents. Insruance documents will also be forwarded to the additional parties who were named for insyrance coverage. 

Step 4. Post Event Results & Insurance

All Sanctioned events must, at the conclusion of the meet, submit to Sam Collier (

  1. Results Files. Files are to be sent in and once verified will be forwarded to Athletics Canada to be included in the National Rankings.
  2. Post Event Submission Form (Insurance). Post-Event submission form  Excel Template you can fill in and print (does the calculations for you)

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