Access Request ( is the national membership database that BC Athletics uses to enter individual memberships and club membership.  Access to is limited to BCA members who have a current Associate membership and a Club Access Waiver Form for the current year on file at the BC Athletics office. contains personal information and it is up to each person with access to safeguard that information.  Once the waiver has been finalized the individual will be given access.  Access is not transferable to anyone else and is for sole use by the person it was granted to.  Anyone sharing their username and/or password will have their access deleted.

All individuals making a request for access or receiving access must have a current "Associate" membership in place prior to receiving access.  A member of the club executive must request access for the club members they wish to have access to  The person requesting access for a club member must be different from the person receiving access. 

Setting up Access for

  1. Club membership must be renewed for the new membership year on  
  2. Both the club president/executive member requesting access and the individual to receive access to must have a BC Athletics Associate membership and a current Criminal Records Check in place.
  3. The club president/executive submits Step 1 - a Trackie Membership Database Access Request Form Note: The individual requesting access (Step 1) must not be the same person receiving access (Step 2).  
  4. Both the club president/executive and the individual to receive access will receive an email notification that the form has been submitted.
  5. Step 2 is only available by email from BC Athletics. Step 2 will be emailed to the individual receiving access. Once the individual to receive access receives the email notification with the waiver he/she completes Step 2 - BC Athletics Privacy Waiver.
  6. Once the Privacy Waiver has been submitted and the individual will have access to  
    • NEW ACCESS - If the individual has not had access to previously he/she will receive a separate email with information on setting up his/her access
    • RETURNING ACCESS - if the individual has had access previously set up he/she can continue to have access through the sign-in previously set up
  7. Questions??  contact Sam Collier