Events and Technical Specifications

Please see below for all BC Athletics approved Events and Technical Specifications for Athletics.

Para Athletics

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Event Directing

2024 Event Director Memo 

Sanctioning Application forms:

Note:  Both the sanction form and fees must be received in the BC Athletics office before the sanction application will be processed.  Events seeking World Athletics Sanctioning must be submitted 75 days in advance, all other events must submit their application at least 30 days in advance. 


Sanctioned Camps & Clinics Waivers:

All Day of Event members must understand and sign the appropriate following documents prior to attending BC Athletics Sanctioned Camps or Clinics. Process to be managed by Host Organizing Committee.

  1. Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement (To be executed by Participants under the Age of Majority and the Participant’s Parent of Guardian)
  2. Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (To be executed by Participants over the Age of Majority)

Club Development

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BC Athletics is proud to partner with Impact Canopy to provide BC Athletics members with member preferred pricing on all your event needs!

Member Pricing!

Equipment Rental

Track & Field and Non Stadia Equipment Rentals:

Track & Field Equipment is stored at Swangard Stadium. Non Stadia Equipment is stored at the BC Athletics office.

Track & Field Equipment Rental Request Form

Available Track & Field Equipment:

  • Pole Vault Equipment
    • ​1 set of UCS standards and 2 rectangular guide ways
    • Pacer Gill Landing Mat System
    • Cross Bars
  • High Jump Equipment
    • ​1 set of standards
    • Gill Maximus High Jump Landing System
    • Cross Bars
    • Specs
  • Hurdles
    • ​85 Polanik Competition Hurdles adjustable to the following heights
      • ​27", 30", 33", 36", 39", 42"
    • 4 Polanik HUrdle Carts
  • Starters Stand
  • Lane Markers
  • Throwing Implement Racks 

Available Non Stadia Equipment (No Charge to BC Athletics Sanctioned Events):

  • Safety Vests (200 available)
  • Stop & Slow Paddles (60 available)