SPECIAL BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #5

SPECIAL BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #5

March 23, 2020

PLEASE - Social/Physical Distance – Avoid Contact with Others

Based on the continuing escalation of COVID 19 and in discussion today with Greg White. Chair, BC Athletics Brd of Directors together with having received a report of non-social / physical distancing at a Club Track & Field practice and concerns raised by the Provincial Health Officer, BC Health Minister and Mayors of Cities and Districts that the public was not adhering to the absolute need for Social / Physical Distancing, the BC Athletics Board of Directors want to immediately advise all BC Athletics Individual Members, Member Clubs and Club Members of the following change to the Training Guidelines in the BC Athletics Update – Coronavirus (CPVID 19) #4:

2020-03-23 - Until further notice, BC Athletics clubs are to suspend training sessions due to the COVID-19 health crisis. This notice extends to BC Athletics member coaches who are coaching outside of the normal club organized training session and coaches who are not members of a club.


Athletes wanting to train through this period can do so on their own, without a coach present. Coaches can offer support digitally but cannot be present when your athletes are training.


Athletes continuing to train and Coaches continuing to coach must be 2020 members of BC Athletics.


We expect all of our membership to conform with the spirit and letter of Government (Federal, Provincial, Local) mandates to help reduce the risk to our communities during this difficult time.


Thank you for your attention and stay safe.

Board of Directors and Staff of BC Athletics.