Grassroots (Age 6-8)

Run Jump Throw Wheel



Developed by Athletics Canada and presented by BC Athletics,
RJTW is the grassroots development program for our sport.
This program teaches the FUNdamental movements skills of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs) using
track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges. It is designed for children ages 6-12, has progressions for older athletes, and can be adapted for people with disabilities.

RunJumpThrowWheel skills form the basis of all land based sport and as such, RJTW provides a strong foundation for success in all sports and physical activities, which allows participants to develop a positive self image and be the best they can be.

Any teacher, coach, recreation leader, or parent is capable of delivering the Run Jump Throw Wheel program!


What is RJTW:

  • Integrated for development at all levels
  • Broad based and progressive
  • FUNdamental to all land based sports
  • Inclusive for all abilities and maturational stages
  • Adaptive for people with disabilities
  • Gender equitable

RJTW Focuses On:

  • Skills of RUNNING, JUMPING, THROWING and WHEELING in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • FUN and active learning environment
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Safety and certified instruction





Junior Development (Age 9-13)

General Information

Check out our Club Finder page for a list of Track & Field clubs in your area.

For more information about Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)​, please click here!


JD Cross Country

​                                                        Reasons to Run Cross Country

Cross Country shows another side to distance running. The added elements of the hills and dirt allow for a unique experience of grit and determination that you are unable to find in other places. Running cross country can lead to a new appreciation for running, whether that be on the roads, on the track, or on the trail. Running cross country will help lengthen your career as a runner by teaching you showing you a different side to running.


Click HERE for information on the Lower Maindland Cross Country Series!


JD Meets Including Championships

Date Event & Location Contact Website(s)
results-iconJan 14
Harriers Pioneer 8K
North Sannich, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Jeff Beddoes…
results-iconFeb 3
2024 Harry Jerome Indoor Games
Richmond, BC Canada
Kenneth Poskitt
Feb 4
Aldergrove Ramble 4.8 and 8 K Trail Run
Aldergrove, BC Canada
Phil Ellis……
Feb 11
Cedar 12K
Nanaimo, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Brad Rush

Feb 25
Hatley Castle 8K
Victoria, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Nick Walker…
Mar 10
Westcoast Sooke River 10K
Victoria, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Kathleen Quast…
Apr 6
2024 Spring Fling
Surrey, BC Canada
Track & Field
Maureen de St Croix
Apr 7
McLean Mill 10K
Port Alberni, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Sasha Visona…
Apr 13
2024 Richmond Relays
Richmond, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Fisher Hagel
Apr 13
2024 Comox Valley Ice Breaker
Comox, BC Canada
Graham Morfitt
Apr 14
Synergy Health Bazan Bay 5K
Bazan Bay, BC Canada
Road Running/Ultras
Rob Hare…
Apr 19-20
2024 VOC Track Meet
Vancouver, BC Canada
Track & Field
Tatjana Mece
Apr 25
OAC Twilight # 1
Kelowna, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Hatch

Apr 27
2024 Jean Jaques Schmidt Memorial Meet
Richmond, BC Canada
Karen Fisher Hagel
Apr 27
2024 Battle of the Border
Kamloops, BC Canada
Track & Field
Mike Kern
Apr 28
2024 Moseley Jack Memorial Meet
Richmond, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Fisher Hagel
May 3-4
2024 Dylan Armstrong Track Classic & BC Summer Games Trials - Zone 2
Kamloops, BC Canada
Track & Field
Mike Kern
May 3-4
2024 Jennifer Rogers Swan Memorial Track and Field Meet
Abbotsford, BC Canada
Track & Field
Dawn Driver
May 4-5
2024 NorWesters Elementaries Meet
Burnaby, BC Canada
Track & Field
Dawn Copping
May 4-5
Sub Zero Track & Field Meet
Prince George, BC Canada
Elena Thomas
(250) 563-8808
May 11
2024 Eagle Classic
Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Phil Pitzey…
May 11-12
2024 Dogwood Track & Field Meet
Victoria, BC Canada
Track & Field
Sean Steele
May 18
2024 Richard Collier Big Kahuna ThrowsFest
Richmond, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Fisher Hagel
May 19
2024 Universal JD Track & Field Meet
Delta, BC Canada
Track & Field
Sue Kydd…
May 23
OAC Twilight Meet #2
Kelowna, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Hatch

May 24-26
53rd Annual BC Elementary Track & Field Championships
Richmond, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Fisher Hagel
May 25-26
Elwood Wylie Memorial Track & Field Meet
Nanaimo, BC Canada
Track & Field
Wanda Urbanowicz
Jun 1
2024 Garriock Meet
Duncan, BC Canada
Vlad Valastiak
Jun 1-2
2024 Jesse Bent Invitational Track & Field Meet
Coquitlam, BC Canada
Track & Field
Paul Self
Jun 16
2024 BC Athletics Junior Development Pentathlon Championships
Coquitlam, BC Canada
Track & Field
Paul Self
Jun 18
1500m Night
Vancouver, BC Canada
Track & Field
Leslie Sexton…
Jun 21-22
2024 Pacific Invitational
Langley, BC Canada
Andrew Lenton
(778) 686-0505
Jun 22
2024 Spruce Capital Track & Field Meet
Prince George, BC Canada
Track & Field
Elena Thomas
(250) 563-8808
Jun 22-23
2024 Comox Valley Solstice Meet & Island JD Championships
Comox, BC Canada
Track & Field
Graham Morfitt
Jun 28-30
Jack Brow Memorial Track & Field Meet
Kelowna, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Hatch

Jul 2
Bring the Heat 2.0
Surrey, BC Canada
Maureen de St Croix
Jul 6-7
2024 Trevor Craven Memorial Meet
Burnaby, BC Canada
Track & Field
Dawn Copping
Jul 26-28
2024 BC Athletics Junior Development Track & Field Championships
Surrey, BC Canada
Track & Field
Garrett Collier

Aug 24
2024 Cory Holly Classic
Vernon, BC Canada
Track & Field
Cory Holly…
Oct 6
Penticton XC 7.5K and 3K Kid's Run
Penticton, BC Canada
Oct 10
OAC Fall Twilight Meet
Kelowna, BC Canada
Track & Field
Karen Hatch


JD Awards

BC Athletics is pleased to recognize our Junior Development athletes who qualify for JD Awards each season!

Congratulations to the 2023 Junior Development Award Recipients!


Awards Standards and Recognized Competitions

JD Awards Standards are based on the previous years All-Time Top Ten Tables.
Please click below for: 

2023 JD Award Standards    

Awards Nomination Information

All BC Athletics Junior Development (JD) Athlete Award Nominations must be submitted by August 31st in the current year. 

JD Awards Online Nomination Form

Past Award Recipients

Past Awards recipients can be viewed below:


JD Crests

Celebrating Junior Development Athletes with the Achievement Crest!

Reminiscent of the Canada Fitness Crest Program, this program rewards and encourages young athletes who participate in a variety of track & field events with a keepsake crest.

JD Crest Criteria

Intended to be an award that every child can earn, the JD Crest Criteria is simple! 

Based on their performances, every child can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Crest.

View the JD Crest Criteria & Standards here. 

2023 JD Crest Recipients

2023 Crests are now available!

How to Order

Club Administrators - Complete the online order form here.

Individual Orderers - Complete the online order form here.

BC Athletics is offering complimentary Crests to all Crest winners!  All Clubs have been notified of their recipients, Unattached members, should complete the individual order form above. 

JD Crest Recipients​

2022 Recipients

2021 Recipients

2020 Recipients

2019 Recipients

2018 Recipients

2017 Recipients (here

2016 Recipients (listed by Athlete / listed by Club)




JD Performance Lists

Effective March 2023, the BC Athletics Junior Development Annual Performance Lists will no longer be posted to the BC Athletics website. Instead, they can be accessed on the Athletics Canada’s Ranking Page.

Instructions on how to navigate the Athletics Canada website to check performance lists can be viewed here

At present, Athletics Canada database does not contain the BC Athletics JD All Time Top 10 Rankings. We are working with them to update this for the future.



JD Performance Lists for 2002 - 2022 can be viewed below.

All-Time Top Ten  Top 10 by Event Performances by Name
2021 2021 2021
2020 2020 2020
2019  2019 2019
2018 2018 2018
2017 2017 2017
2016   2016   2016
2015 2015 2015
2014  2014 2014
2013  2013 2013
2012 2012  2012
2011 2011 2011
2010 2010 2010
2009 2009 2009
2008 2008 2008
2007 2007 2007
  2006 2006
  2005 2005
  2004 2004
  2003 2003



























Junior Development Pentathlon Scoring Tables can be viewed HERE.



2017 JD Pentathlon Score Information

The 2017 JD Penthalon Championship results were determined using an updated pentathlon scoring table. However, for 2017, BC Athletics will use our existing awards standards for reviewing nominations for JD Awards and/or JD Crests. Therefore, please use the scores below when submitting your nomination forms for these awards.

Please contact Sabrina Nettey at (604) 333 - 3554 or if you have any questions about this process.

2017 Girls JD Penthalon Scores (Alphabeticalized)

2017 Boys JD Pentahlon Scores (Alphabeticalized) 


JD Manual & Parent Handbook


Junior Development Athlete & Parent Handbook 

A 10 page primer for those new to BC Track & Field, the Handbook includes information on:

  • How to register with BC Athletics
  • What to expect on competition day
  • Age categories and events


Junior Development Manual 

For meet organizers, coaches, and parents, the JD Manual contains detailed guidelines for the
Junior Development program including:

  • Club and Championship meet hosting requirements
  • Athlete Recognition Programs
  • Technical Specifications of Events
  • Para Competition Guidelines

Past Manuals

2017 Junior Development Manual
2016 Junior Development Manual



Long Term Athlete Development (Athletics)

Long term athlete development (LTAD) is the idea that kids and adults will get active, stay active, and reach their greatest athletic potential if they do the right things at the right time. Prepared by Athletics Canada, this booklet specifies how the LTAD stages align with development in track & field. 

Long Term Athlete Development (For Parents)

Prepared by the Coaches Association of Canada, this booklet provides suggestions on ways parents can help children reach their full potential at each stage of development along the LTAD pathway.

Mental Fitness for Long Term Athlete Development

Mental fitness is just as neccessary for sport development as physical and technical development. Learn how coaches and parents can aid the mental development of athletes at each stage of the LTAD pathway.


Athletics for Kids

With a mission to ensure that all BC children can participate in organized sport, Athletics for Kids provides grants to families to help cover program registration fees.

KidSport BC

The provincial chapter of the national not-for-profit organization, KidSport BC provides financial assistance for sport registration fees and equipment to kids up to 18 years old. Contact your local chapter to apply.


A national charity, Jumpstart helps kids in financial need participate in organize sports by assisting with the costs associated with registration, equipments, and/or transportation.


BC Blind Sport

A not for profit association, BC Blind Sports provides support and services to individuals who are visually impaired to improve access and opportunities for participation in physical activity.

BC Deaf Sport

A multi-sport, non-profit organization, BC Deaf Sport Federation functions as an umbrella for deaf & hard of hearing athletes.  

BC Wheelchair Sport

BC Wheelchair Sports Association has helped people with physical disabilities across the province lead active healthy lives through wheelchair sports and administers many sport programs including wheelchair athletics (track & field)

Special Olympics BC

Special Olympics BC offers summer and winter sports for ages eight and up, including track and field 

Hershey Track & Field Games (Age 9-14)

Athlete Development (Age 14+)

General Info


Inclusive of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stages of Training to Train, Learning to Compete, Training to Compete and Learning to Win, this program introduces athletes to the performance pathway of Athletics. Event specialization and training, advanced training leading to consistent performances at higher levels of competition and BC Team program opportunities are the key components of the Athlete Development program.

Join a Track & Field Club Near You Today!


Check out our Club Finder page for a list of Track & Field clubs in your local area.

2024 BC Athletics T&F Championship Jamboree


The BC Athletics Track & Field Championship Jamboree is the premiere track and field competition held in the Province of BC each year, bringing together athletes from across the Province for three days of competition. Age groups offered include: U16, U18, U20 and Senior and include both Able Bodied and Para-Athletic Competitions.

DATE: July 12-14, 2024


FACILITY: Rotary Bowl




All participants and spectators are reminded to review and adhere to the BC Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct.


BC Athletics  
Garrett Collier, Track & Field Program Manager
(604) 333-3555





High Performance Stream

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BC High School Track & Field

BC Athletics strives to support the Elementary and High School track & field communities.  BC High School Track & Field is under the pervue of the BC High School Track & Field Commission.  BC High School is a part of BC School Sports.  For all information an inqueries please contact them directly by following the information below.

To view the latest updates on BC High School Track & Field, including important updates, contacts and championships informtion, please go to the BC High School Track & Field website at


College Choices - Streamline Athletes

Thinking about making the leap from high school to university can be tough. It’s hard to know where to go, what to study, or what opportunities exist. Streamline Athletes is an organization dedicated to making this transition easier by supporting student-athletes in their university recruitment journeys.

The Streamline Athletes online platform gives Canadian athletes the tools they need to make confident decisions about their academic and athletic futures. Here’s how it works:

Athletes and parents can explore and compare university track and field programs based on academics, athletics, geography, financial info, and more. Learn more about the Collegiate landscape in British Columbia here. Use the links below to see Streamline Athletes pages for university track and field programs in British Columbia:

Interested in other universities? Browse all teams on Streamline Athletes HERE.
Send Streamline Athletes an email if you have any questions.






Masters (Age 35+)

General & News


2023 CMA Championships  

2023 BC Masters Indoor Athletics Championships






Age Graded Results

2023 Track and Field Masters Age graded table   

2020 Road Running Masters Age Graded Table 


Competition results can be calculated on an overall performance basis where athletes compare their performance to how other competitors in their age group performed. Some events now provide age graded results. These results are generated from tables developed by reviewing the performances of a large number of athletes over a long period of time, in each of the age categories, as well as the world records by age groupings. The tables then indicate an ultimate performance that could be expected from any age. There are separate tables for males and females.

Age graded results can be used in several ways. Using these tables, each athlete's performance can be calculated as a percentage of these extremely high standards for both male and female at each age. New results are then processed based on percentage achievement. Hence the playing field is leveled by compensating for age and sex. These age graded results can be very different from the overall results. It's possible that a 45-year old woman would displace a 28-year old male overall winner as the age graded winner. This, of course, is competitive and many (in fact most) participants don't enter events solely for competition. There are other effective ways of using performance percentages.

For example: if your performance in a 5K race was @ 78.3%, you could apply this percentage to the table for 10K at your age and calculate your expected finish time at 10K for the same effort. This would enable you to establish your mile pace to ensure that you don't go out too fast in the 10K event.

As you age you can use age graded results to compare your fitness and conditioning from one year to any other year. It's also useful in tracking your progress over any number of dissimilar events.

Masters Achievements Awards

These awards are in the form of pins in bronze, silver and gold which represent increasingly higher standards of performance. These pins are available for purchase by masters who have achieved the required standards. The standards are adapted from those that the Canadian Masters Athletics Association used to have for their crests, and cover a wide range of events.

The standards may be viewed by clicking on one of the following links:

Updated 12/10/20:

Masters 8k Road Performance Standards

Masters 10k Road Performance Standards

Men's Standards track, marathon & Jumps

Men's Standards Throws

Women's Standards track, marathon & Jumps

Women's Standards Throws


To apply for a pin

Please print the Masters achievement award application form and mail (with the $9.04 fee) to BC Athletics, 2001B – 3713 Kensington Ave., Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7.


BC Masters Record Application Forms:


BC Masters Records

BC Masters INDOOR Track & Field Records - updated January 25, 2024

BC Masters OUTDOOR Track & Field Records - updated January 15, 2024

BC 55+ Games Track & Field Records - Updated January 25, 2024


BC Masters Road Running Records:

Para Athletics

General Info

Special Olympics

General Info

BC Athletics in partnership with Special Olympics BC provides program opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities.  These athletes are able to compete in regional, national and international Special Olympic events under the International Paralympic Committee.

For more information related to participation in Special Olympics in BC, contact

More information on eligibility and other resources can found at Special Olympics BC.

Coaching Manual from Special Olympics Canada.


Track events:

  • 100, 200, 400 and 800 Metre Run
  • Hurdles: Women - 100 Metre, Men - 110 Metre
  • Relays - 4 x 100, 4 x 400 Metre

Distance events:

  • 1500, 3000, 5000, and 10000 Metre

Field events:

  • High Jump
  • Mini Javelin
  • Running Long Jump
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Shot Put: Women 2.72 kg/6 lbs, Men (16 yrs. and over 4 kg/8.13 lbs) or (16 yrs. and under 2.72 kg/ 6lbs)


  • Pentathlon (Five events: 100 Metres, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 Metres)

The following events provide meaningful competition for athletes with lower ability levels:

  • 50-metre developmental

Recommended Guidelines for Events and Technical Standards

Events and Technical Standards

BC Athletics Events and Technical Specifications