COVID-19 Response: Return to Sport Update - June 3, 2020

BC Athletics received notice of a viaSport Webinar taking place Thursday, June 4th , 2020 at 1:30 pm. The webinar aims to answer questions on returning to sport and is open to all – municipal and recreation leaders, local sport organizations, facility operators, community stakeholders and interested parents on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. Register here. This will particularly helpful relative to the opening of community facilities and the health and safety protocols that facility owners/operators will need to provide for. The BC Recreation and Parks Association Guideliness can be found here.​ You are encouraged you to take in this webinar if at all possible. Also know that the webinars are recorded for viewing later if you are unable to attend live.

Here is where BC Athletics is in the Return to Sport (Athletics in British Columbia):

What Has Been Done:

  1. Draft 4 of the BC Athletics Return to Training in BC has been completed and will appear as an Addendum to the Athletics Canada “Back on Track” Guidelines published earlier this week;
  2. Athletics Canada has released the “Back on Track” (return to sport plan);
  3. viaSport released the BC Govt Return to Sport Government Guidelines – on June 1st;

What Needs to Be Done:

  1. BC Athletics Return to Training Plan to be presented to the BC Athletics Board of Directors for approval;
  2. BC Athletics Return to Training Plan (approved by the BC Athletics Board of Directors) to be presented to the Clubs Board of Directors for approval;
  3. BC Athletics to work with member clubs around the commitment to the BC Athletics Return to Training Plan;
  4. BC Athletics working to finalize a Waiver/Release/Acknowledgement of Risk;
  5. BC Athletics working to finalize the COVID-19 Questionnaire and Attestation for individual members and parent/guardian;
  6. BC Athletics to have the Waiver/Release/Acknowledgement of Risk reviewed and affirmed by Legal Counsel and SBC Insurance;
  7. BC Athletics to work with member clubs and individuals on the Implementation of the Waiver/Release, Acknowledgement of Risk, and COVI-19 Questionnaire and Attestation sign-off for all individual members of BC Athletics or Parent/Guardian;
  8. BC Athletics to work with Member Clubs to enable them to return to Athletics as quickly as possible in this initial phase, aligned with the Provincial Health Officer and Local Health Authority Guidelines;



  1. Insurance has always been in place – liability and sport accident for all individual members and member clubs of BC Athletics.
    1. The Insurance Company has indicated that they will not respond (meaning no coverage) to any COVID Related Claims and will include a Contagion/Pandemic exclusion upon renewal (August 14, 2020 for BC Athletics).
    2. Therefore the need to the Waiver/Release/Acknowledgement of Risk sign-off.
    3. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.


Regional Variances:

  • We understand and appreciate that conditions vary across the province;
  • That in some regions, municipalities, cities and communities there may be additional conditions (more than the Prov Health Officer/Govt of BC) in place as directed by the Local Health Authorities;
  • That the opening of facilities (date) or conditions for use may vary.

We appreciate that everyone wants to return to sport as quickly as possible. We also want to be sure that all of us (individual members and clubs) are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe and reduce risk as much as possible.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and help in the Return to Athletics in British Columbia.




Brian McCalder, CEO/President BC Athletics