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Date Course Location Link for more info and registration
NCCP Athletics Courses
Jan (TBD) NCCP Pathway/Certification Info Session Zoom Info to come
Jan 13 Run Lead Course New Westminster Register Here
Feb 25 March 3rd Foundations of Coaching Online Register Here
Mar 2/3 Sport Coach Technical + RJTW Nanaimo Register Here
Apr 6/7 Sport Coach Technical Lower Mainland (TBD)  Info to come
Apr 6/7 Sport Coach Technical + RJTW Okanagan Info to come
Apr 6/7 Sport Coach Technical + RJTW North Info to come
Apr 11/18 Foundations of Coaching Online Info to come
Apr 14/15 Club Coach Technical Island or Okanagan (TBD) Info to come
Apr 22/29 Foundations of Coaching Online Info to come

May 19th

Make Ethical Decisions Online Info to come
May (TBD) NCCP Certification Info Session Zoom Info to come
May 24 Run Lead Course Fort Nelson Info to come


Multi-Sport Courses
Various All NCCP Multi-Sport Courses offered through viaSport  Online Find schedules Here 
Courses Available Any Time
 Anytime  Athletics NCCP Performance Coach Pre- Learning (Required for Performance Coach)  e-learning online  Click here for link 
(login to locker to access)
Anytime Long Term Athlete Development for Athletics (Required for Sport/Club Coach) e-learning online Click here for link 
(login to locker to access)
Anytime NCCP Emergency Action Plan
(Requried for Sport/Club Coach)
e-learning online

Click here for link 
(login to locker to access)

Anytime NCCP Leading Drug Free Sport
(Required for Performance Coach) 
e-learning online Click here for link 
(login to locker to access
Anytime Fundamentals of Athletics (great for parents or coaches just getting started!) e-learning online Click here for link 
(login to locker to access)
Anytime Competition Management for Team Coaches at Canada Games e-learning online  Click here for link
(login to locker  to access)
Anytime Officals 101 and 102 e-learning online Click here for link
Anytime  Professional Development Webinars Online  Click here for link

Important Course Info

Coaching Pathway

Coaching education is the backbone of BC Athletics athlete development.

Great coaches build great athletes.

Read the steps below on how you can get started in coaching and coach education!

Becoming a Coach 

  1. ​Become a BCA Coach Member to receive insurance and discounts on education courses 
  2. Find a Club near you
  3. Start your Coach Education Pathway (below) 

Coaching Education Pathway 

  Click the links below the graphic for more Information

Coach Development Model

Questions about coaching education? Email Jennifer Brown, BCA Coaching Education Coordinator.



Coaching Courses

Coaches require different knowledge and skills depending on who they are coaching. Rather than progressing from grassroots to podium, coaches take the pathway relevant to the athletes they are coaching.

Watch this video explaining the NCCP Athletics Canada coach education pathway. 

Follow to the chart below to find your appropriate pathway. 
Click on the courses or evaluations for more info

If you’re coaching...

Your pathway is...

Courses needed to be NCCP Trained*

Evaluations Need to be NCCP Certified*

Not sure what you will be coaching or just starting as a volunteer?
Check out the free e-learning Fundamentals of Athletics on the locker to get started (requires a free NCCP #)

Community Road Runners Road Running Leader Road Running Leader No certificaiton needed at this moment. 

Grassroots / elementary school or community programs

Run Jump Throw Wheel

Run Jump Throw Wheel 


Make Ethical Decisions

Introductory or Jr High Athletes

Training or Competing in all or multiple events at the local/regional level


Coaches will have an introduction to all event groups

*Trained status required for BC Games Coaches

Sport Coach

Long Term Athlete Development


Foundations of Coaching (Theory)

Sport Coach Technical

Make Ethical Decisions


Sport Coach

Make Ethical Decisions

Intermediate /
High School or club

Competing in specific events

Coaches will sign up to learn about one event group (Sprints, endurance, throws, jumps or wheelchair)

*Certidication required for head coaches at BC Games, and non-head coaches at Legions, Canadian XC Champs, Canada Summer Games, and to obtain a coaches pass at the Canadian U20/Senior Champs

NCCP Club Coach

Long Term Athlete Development

Foundations of Coaching (Theory)

Club Coach Technical

Make Ethical Decisions

Club Coach

Make Ethical Decisions

Elite level athletes / university or club

Competing in advanced specific events

Coaches will sign up to learn about one event group at a time (Sprints, Endurance, Jumps, Throws, Combined, or Wheelchair)

*Certification required for provincial head coaches of Legions, Canadian XC Champs, Canada Summer Games and for national team coaches

NCCP Performance Coach

(see 2023 updates)

Performance Coach 
(pre-requirement: Club Coach certification)

Athletics Performance Coach Pre-Learning

-Make Ethical Decisions
- Managing Conflict

-Leading Drug Free Sport

Performance Coach

Make Ethical Decisions

Managing Conflict

Leading Drug Free Sport


 NCCP Courses: In-Training vs Trained vs Certified

  • Our courses are part of the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) in which coaches progress from In-Training to Trained to Certified within their pathway. 
    • In training = Taken partial course requirements (see third column above) 
    • Trained = Taken all course requirements (e.g., athletics course + multi-sport courses) 
    • Certified: Completed all evaluations required (athletics + multi-sport evaluations)


Important Course Info:

What are the minimum age requirements? 

What is an NCCP number and how do I get one? 

Sign up for a BC Athletics Coach membership for discounts of NCCP BCA courses. 

Find grants to support your Coach Education. 


Course Interest/ Request Form

BC Athletics organizes Coaching Education courses throughout the year.  

Check our Course Calendar before submitting a course interest/requset form to see if there's a course near you. See our courses descriptions to see which course is right for you.

Please complete the approprite form below to assist us in setting up the courses in areas of interest. 

I would like to ATTEND a course


I would like to HOST a course 
(see guidelines below)


Hosting Guidelines

All NCCP Courses Must be Pre-approved by BC Athletics & requested a minimum of 30 days in advance.


  • Minimum of 6 COACHES are required to host a course (exceptions may apply in remote areas).
  • BC Athletics will help promote the course to help fill the additional spaces.


  • BC Athletics will cover the cost of the Learning Faciliator (including compensation, travel, accomodation), and insurance. We will organize the Learning Facilitator, manage registration, and help promote the course.
  • We ask the Host Clubs confirm facility booking. 


  • Our standard example schedules are below as well as suggested equipment. However, we can work with you to create a schedule to accomodate your needs and will connect you to the learning facilitator to arrange equipment. 
  • We will be offering Foundations of Coaching (theory modules for Sport and Club Coach) online for coaches anywhere in the province. Clubs can then host just the Techincal portions of Sport and Club.

Run Jump Throw Wheel

Foundations of Coaching Sport Coach Club Coach





The first step to becoming certified is taking a Coaching Course
and becoming NCCP TRAINED (Find courses here)

From there, you can be evaluated to be NCCP CERTIFIED


Certification Requirements
Being certified requires completed all of the required evaluations including both the athletics and multi-sport evaluations. Evaluations can be completed in any order. 

Coaching Pathway:

Sport Coach

Club Coach

Performance Coach

Evaluation Fee:




Athletics Evaluation Requirements:

-Practice Observation


-Practice Observation


-Practice Observation
-Competition Observation (see note below**)


Portfolio Requirements  - SC Requirements

-SC Marking Rubric
 - CC Requirements

CC Marking Rubric
 - PC Requirements

- PC Marking Rubric

Additional Required
Multi-Sport Evaluations 

-Make Ethical Decisions

-Make Ethical Decisions

-Make Ethical Decisions
-Managing Conflict
- Leading Drug Free sport (part of the e-learning module) 

Pro-D points required to maintain certification every 5 years once certified
(click here for info)
20 20 30

** PERFORMANCE COACH EVALUATION: In order to complete a Performance Coach evaluation, you should be coaching a U20 or older athlete who is competing at the national level. The competition evaluation DOES NOT have to take place at nationals. It can take place at any competition that is appropriate for the athlete in question. A non-exhaustive list includes: university conference championships, provincial championships, elite invitational competitions. Email Hailey Kjaer if the meet you have in mind is appropriate.

Follow the links below for more information about the evaluation process

How to Register and Complete Your Evaluation

Evaluation Timeline*Self paced but may take a minimum of a month. Click the link to learn more. 

Why Become Certified? *Professional standards, lifelong learning, mentorship, team requirements

Important Notes​*How to challenge the evaluation, minimum age, maintaining certification.

Maintenance of Certification

All NCCP Certified coaches in any context or sport are requried to maintan certification through ongoing learning and professional development points. 

Once certified, coaches have 5 years to collect the required Pro-D Points shown below. If they do not, their status will changed to Trained until they collect the required amount. 

Minimum Pro-D Points Required to Maintain Certification within a 5 year cycle

Run, Jump, Throw Certified

10 points

Sport Coach Certified

20 points

Club Coach Certified

20 points

Performance Coach Certified

30 points


How can you earn Pro-D Points?

See the chart below on how you can earn pro-d points. Check out the our Professional Development Tab for some options, along with accessible options to earn your points! 

Type of Pro D Points How to collect points

NCCP Courses and Evaluations (Athletics or multi-sport)

5 points each

e-learning modules vary 1-5 pts pending length
Automatically added in locker

Non-NCCP Webinars, Conferences or Courses

1 point per hr; maximum 3 points per session  If advertised by organizer, automatically applied; if not, ask the organizers to have iPro-D points added

Active Coaching

1 point per year

Add your points to your locker.

Click profile > certification >  self-report

Click "Record active status" to report your active coaching, or "record professional development to self-report" (see blue circles in photo below)

Self-directed learning (course, webinar, read a book, watched a film)

max 3 points per 5 year cycle

How to self-report pro-d points under your profile in the locker:

How can I check how many PD points I have? 


  • Log in to the locker.
  • Click profile > certification > maintenance (see green circle in photo above)


This will show you how many points you have out of how many you need, and when your cycle starts (year you were certified) and when it expires (how long you have to collect the required points)


Find Out More about Maintenance of Certification and PD Points:

Professional Development

Professional Development is key to life long learning and coach development
Attend pro-d events for your own development at any time,
or collect professional develompent points to maintain your certification.

This document list's some of the accessible, free or inexpensive way you can collect pro-d points. 

Types of Pro D:

NCCP Multi-Sport Courses

NCCP courses (multi-sport, athletics, or evaluation) will provide you with 5 pro-d points. Multi-sport courses are offered in person or online by viaSport and the Regional Alliance (see calendar here) and in other provinces (login and visit the locker calendar)

NCCP e-Learning Courses

NCCP e-Learning courses are available as multi-sport, athletics, and other sports and can be completed on your own time. They are worth between 1 and 5 points pending length. Click here to access e-Learning courses by logging into the locker. ​

Non-NCCP Professional Development Webinars

The following organizations offer a variety of webinars. Some have pro-d points available automatically, others you can self-report your points on the locker (See maintenance of certification for information on how to do so)

Organization Description Price
BC Athletics 
  • BC Athletics Youtube Page has past webinars. Email us if you have watched our past events and we will give you pro-D points. 
Athletics Canada 
  • Athletics Canada has webinar series' and e-learning opportunities available for all coaches. 
  • Video resourses
ALTIS Digital Courses
  • Our courses have been created by world-class coaches with a track record if success, and Performance Therapists who are revolutionizing sports medicine. Each course features hours of in-depth guided learning content, ALTIS videos, and more, which share knowledge and unique perspectives you won't find anywhere else. 
Coaching Association of Canada 
  • The Coaching Association of Canada has many multi-sport and sport specific professional development courses that are available to you. 
Commit to Kids 
  • C2K for Coaching online training empowers coaches and other sport leaders with practical information to help enhamce youth safety in sport. 
CSI Pacific 
  • CSI Pacific are driven to develop competent coaches in the high performance sport pathway who are capable of delivering the highest quality athlete programming.  
  • There are many pro-d opportunities available through CSI Pacific, including their Speaker Series on Demand
  • EvalTrackSport offers courses in many coaching areas including sprints, endurance, jumps, throws, strength, and youth development. 
Respect Group Inc 
  • The Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach Program educates youth leaders, coaches, and officials to recognize, understand, and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination. 
School Sport 
  • This organization hosts several interactive online educational courses for couches. These courses were designed specifically for coaches in a school-sport setting and cover everything from the philosophies of school sport, growth and development, nutrition, injury management, planning a practice, and much more. 
Sport for Life 
  • Sport for Life strives to reshape how we support sport and train athletes at all levels in Canada – from children to adults, from towns to cities, from provinces and regions through to the national level.
PHE Canada 
  • Promotes and advances quality physical and health education and healthy learning environments. 
  • Specific physical literacy courses can be found here 




Grants and Bursaries

At BC Athletics we recognize that attending coaching courses may not be financially assessible for all coaches. The grants below are available to help support your needs. 







Bob Bearpark Equity & Access Coaching Bursary Awards

ViaSport BC

  • For coaches completing an NCCP multi-sport or sport-specific coach training course or certification evaluation 


LeadForward Grant: Advancing Balanced Representation in Sport ViaSport BC
  • This grant aims to strengthen balanced leadership for female coaches, officials, and organizational staff throughout BC. 
  • Supports training, certification, and policiy development opportunities. 
WISE Fund Grant Canadian Women & Sport 
  • For women and girls to participate and lead in the sport system 

Bob Bearpark High Performance Coach Education Bursary Awards

ViaSport BC

  • For coaches undertaking NCCP Competition Development modules/evaluations or Advanced Coaching Diploma modules
  • Must be a BC resident


NCCP Gameplan Coach Education Grants  GamePlan
  • Supports athletes who are looking to coach in the Competition-Development Stream (Comp-Dev) or the Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) program as part of the NCCP. 

Up to $1000

ACD/Team BC Canada Games Bursary Canadian Sport Institute
  • Have completed the Advanced Coaching Diploma at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.
  • Be verified as a Team BC selected coach
  • Provide evidence of completing Diploma requirements
  • Be a current member in good standing of Coaches of Canada
Northern BC Coaching and Officiating Development Fund ViaSport BC
  • Individual or group who permanently reside in zones 7 or 8 OR
  • PSO who hosts a coaching/officiating course in zones 7 or 8
Individuals: $1500
PSO: $2500

Coaches BC Legacy Grants

ViaSport BC

  • Aims to encourage more community level coaches to become involved, to further their education, and to receive training/certification. 
  • Four coach grants are available. 



BC Ferries Sport Experience Program

ViaSport BC

  • Vouchers may be used for travelling to a recognized certfication or professional development opportunity

Advanced Coaching Diploma – Travel Bursary

Canadian Sport Institute

  • Be endorsed by a NSO with min. level 3 certification or equivalent
  • Be activley coaching athletes
  • Pay designated tuition for ACD program
  • Completes all ACD requirements

Max. $100/event

UBC Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching and Technical Sport Leadership Scholarship

Canadian Sport Institute

  • Endorsed by National Sport Organization (Letter of Endorsement)
  • Successfully admitted into the Graduate Certificate in High Performance Coaching and Technical Sport Leadership.
  • Current member in good standing of Coaches of Canada

Max. $2000

ViaSport Grants & Links to Other Grants ViaSport BC 
  • ViaSport offers many different grants for coaches and has published an extensive list of other grants
BC Athletics In-Province Travel Grants BC Athletics
  • BC Athletics will be providing grants of up to $250.00 for coaches from outside the course area to attend the necessary NCCP courses offered elsewhere. 
BC Athletics Out-Of-Province Travel Grants BC Athletics
  • BC Athletics will be providing grants of up to $700.00 for a maximum of 5 coaches from BC to attend out-of-province national-level coach education workshops. The grant  can be applied to any of the national coaching events including Performance Coach, summits, and mentorship. May be applicable to other national events upon request. 



Minimum Standards for Coach Membership

All coaches must take the Safe Sport training through The Locker.

Step 1: Get an NCCP Number 

Step 2: Take an NCCP Coaching Course (In-Training) 

Step 3: Complete Additional Requirements (Trained) 


Still have Questions or Need More Information?  

Below are some links to provide you with all the details of BC Athletics New Minimum Standards for Coach Membership.

Link to the initial email sent from BCA President and BCA CEO: 


Making Sense of the New BCA Minimum Coach Standards (FAQ and Solutions):


3 Simple Steps to Becoming Trained:



Graphic Explanation of Athletic Canada's NCCP Coaching Pathway:




How do I access course manuals? 

What is an NCCP number? 

What is In-Training vs Trained vs Certified? 

How do I find what trainings or certifications I have?

What are the age requirements to be trained or Certified? 

Do I need a BC Athletics Coach membership for courses? 

How can I receive financial assistance? 

Where do I find evaluation rubrics? 

Do I need to take Athletics Courses before the evaluation? 

Do I need to take the multi-sport courses before the evaluation? 





What is an NCCP Number?

  • An NCCP number gives you access to the Locker, which is the Coaching Association of Canada's database system for all sports. All your coach education will be tracked on the Locker.
  • You can login to the Locker to view your coach education transcript, course history, professional development points, as well as take online courses and multi-sport evaluations 
  • Sign up for an NCCP number or look up your number here.  It's free and takes two minutes!  


What is NCCP In-Training vs Trained vs Certified?

  • There are three levels of NCCP certification for any pathway: 
    • In-Training: Taken partial course requirements. 
    • Trained: Taken all course requirements (ex. athletics courses & multi-sport courses) 
    • Certified: Completed all evaluations required (ex. athletics evaluations & multi-sport evaluations) 

How do I find our what Trainings or Certifications I have?

  • Click here to login to the locker with your NCCP Number
  • Click on the "Certification" tab at the top 
  • You will see all the courses and certificaitons that you have as well as your NCCP Status (in-training, trained, or certified)
  • OR click the "history" tab to see a timeline of when you have taken your trainings

What are the age requirements?

  • The minimum age to obtain a Coach Membership with BC Athletics is 15 
  • However, coaches can start their NCCP training (i.e., take a course) in preparation for coaching at 14
  • The minimum age to be NCCP Certified (i.e., take an evaluation) is 16 

Do I need a BC Athletics coach membership for courses?

  • No, you do not need to have a coach membership to enrol in courses. However, being a BC Athletics member will grant you discounts for many of the coaching courses available. 


How do I access course manuals?

  • Electronic Copies 
    • The NCCP Course Manuals are accessible for free online to all coach members and course participants under the "Documents" tab at
    • Coaches will need their BCA Coach Membership Number (this is the same as your Athletics Canada number) to sign up or log in. You can look up your BCA number here
  • Hard Copies 
    • Coaches have the option of ordering hard copies of the course manuals for a fee. You can order them with your course registration or seperately by filling out this form. The fees are listed below: 
      • Sport Coach Workbook: $15.00 + GST and Shipping (used in Foundations of Coaching Online Theory Modules)
      • Club Coach Workbook: $17.00 + GST and Shipping (used in Foundations of Coaching Online Theory Modules and Club Coach Course)
      • Sport and Club Coach Technical Manual: $14.00 + GST and Shipping (use in Sport and Club Coach Technical Course)


How can I receive financial assistance?


Where do I find evaluation rubrics?

  • The evaluation rubrics provide you with a check list of what is required for your portfolio and observations. 
  • Login to Atheltics Canada. You can sign in with your Atheltics Canada number (same as your BC Athletics number - found here
  • Click on "Documents", then select your context from the drop down menu and download the "Marking Rubric" 


Do I need to take athletics courses before the evaluation?

  • No, the evaluation assesses the coaches knowledge and competency. You can obtain this compentncy from the course, on your own, and take the evaluation when you feel ready. 
  • However, 
    • If you take the athletics course first, you have unlimited attemptes to pass. If you skip the course and go straight to the evaluation, you have one attempt to pass and if you don't, you will need to take the course first before attempting the evaluation again. 


Do I need to take the multi-sport courses before the evaluation?

  • No, however: 
    • If you take the multi-sport course first, the evaluations are free with unlimited attemptes to pass with 75% of higher. 
    • If you skip the course and go straight to the evaluation, the cost is $85.00 with 3 attempts to pass with 75% or higher. 
  • To take the multi-sport evaluation, login to the locker and click the e-learning tab to find your respective evaluation (all are online).