BC Athletics Return to Competition Update

BC Athletics is committed to ensuring a safe return to sport for all our members clubs, participants, and their communities. On June 16th, 2020 we announced our Return to Training and for the past month we have worked closely with our member clubs, coaches, and athletes to return to sport in a safe and positive manner.


During this time BC Athletics has been working closely with Athletics Canada and viaSport to develop our Return to Competition Guidelines, looking closely at the many factors required to host safe and successful competitions. In the coming days and weeks, we expect to be able to announce a Return to Competition that, at first, focuses on “In Club” Competitions that take place in that club’s home region. We hope that in doing so we can see a return to competition that allows our athletes to test their fitness and training while achieving official marks that can be used for both Records and Rankings.


Next Steps:

  1. Athletics Canada to publish their “Back on Track: Return to Competition Guidelines”. Expected early next week.
  2. BC Athletics to publish our “Return to Competition Addendum” which, highlights any additional or differing guidelines that have been set specifically for the Province of BC. Draft Document has been prepared.
  3. BC Athletics to publish our “Return to Competition – Officials Guidelines” that will provide guidance to our officials in how they can return to sport safely. Draft Document has been prepared.
  4. BC Athletics Board of Directors to approve Athletics Canada’s and BC Athletics’ Return to Competition Guidelines.


Important Notes:

  • In-Club Competitions Definition: These competitions will only be comprised of those members of a single club or training group. For the avoidance of doubt, only those athletes that train together on a regular basis, under the direction of a singular coach (or in some cases a coaching team), are able eligible to take part in an In-Club Competition.
  • It is always the responsibility of each athlete, coach, and official to undertake their own personal risk assessment and determine whether they are willing and able to return to sport at this time. It is important to understand that no guidelines that can completely eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 that may result from participating in a public event such as a track and field competition.
  • All competitions will need to adhere to current health guidelines including physical distancing and hygiene measures.


Regional Variances:

  • We understand and appreciate that conditions vary across the province;
  • That in some regions, municipalities, cities and communities there may be additional conditions (more than the Prov Health Officer/Govt of BC) in place as directed by the Local Health Authorities. Clubs and Event Directors will need to work with their LHAs and facilities as they look to return to hosting of competitions.
  • That the opening of facilities (date) or conditions for use may vary.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and help in the Return to Athletics in British Columbia.



Brian McCalder, CEO/President BC Athletics