How you fuel your body, before, during and after competition can have a major influence on your performance.

Our partners Fortius Sport & Health are now offering BC Athletics Members a 10% discount off a 75-min nutrition assessment with a performance dietitian. Fortius’ Performance Nutrition services range from daily nutrition and weight management needs, to sport-specific fueling and hydration strategies, to meet the demands of your training and competition.

Meet the Dietitian:

Kourtney Gordon

Kourtney Gordon is a Registered Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist specializing in practical fueling solutions for health, well-being, and high-level performance. She holds dual degrees in Biology and Nutrition from the University of Western Ontario, as well as the prestigious International Olympic Committee (IOC) Diploma in Sport Nutrition. 

Learn more about Kourtney and Fortius’ performance nutrition services here.


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