Professional Development Program for Officials

National Officials Committee Webinars (2020) 

Purpose: Athletics Canada and the National Officials Committee (NOC) are sponsoring a series of educational webinars--a great opportunity to become more familiar with some of the disciplines that may be less familiar to us or a wonderful chance to prepare for the rapidly approaching opening of our sport again. 

Registration: Signing up is very simple. It is on Trackie and it’s free. Most of the sessions will be later in the day (7 pm Eastern) but check the time on Trackie to confirm. 





May 26, 2020

Officiating in a Starts Team - Register 

Ian Gordon

May 28, 2020

WA rules change 2020-2021 - Register

Jane Edstrom

June 1, 2020

WPA rules change 2020-2021 - Register

David Weicker

June 8, 2020

Officiating at an International Competition - Register

Jane Edstrom (ITO), Lisa Ferdinand (Starter), Daniel Michaud (ITO, Walking Judge), David Weicker (Photo Finish Chief-Judge, WPA ITO)
June 15, 2020

International Video Referee and International Photofinish Chief-Judge - Register

David Weicker

June 22, 2020

Officiating on an Umpire Team - Register

Helen Vasilic


Officiating in a Call Room - Register

Jennifer Campbell


Officiating on a Vertical Jumps Team - Register



Officiating on a Horizontal Jumps Team - Register



More information can be found here.