Recent Health Order Changes Announced (Oct 26th, 2021)


There have recently been changes to Provincial and Regional Health Orders. As orders have been changing more frequently, consult with your local health authority when planning and executing your event.

  • viaSport Return to Sport Chart & FAQ – this is still being updated by viaSport and must be approved by the BC Health Authority prior to publishing. Continue to check
  • The Order defines a “participant” as anyone at an event, which includes spectators, but does not include anyone attending in an official capacity as an organizer, supervisor, official, volunteer or event staff. There are further restrictions for Sport as noted below.


Sport (Specific To)

  1. Coaching, Leading, Supervising, Volunteering, Managing, Assisting, Officiating
    • For sport, however, the Order states that an adult (19+) leading (coaching), supervising (coaching/volunteering/managing), or assisting a sport program for children and youth must have received two doses of vaccine. (Section D.7 and D. 8). This includes coaches, volunteers and officials for indoor and outdoor sport.
      • Note: Clarification on the Proof of Vaccination status of Coaches who are 18 yrs and younger has been requested.
  1. Youth Sport (under 22 yrs of age)
    • Youth 21 and under participating in sport (indoor and outdoor) are still exempt from showing proof of vaccination.
  1. Adult Sport (22 yrs of age and older):
    • For indoor sport, adult participants 22 and older must show proof of vaccination.
  • For Outdoor sport, adult participants 22 and older do not need to show proof of vaccination – Unless they also Coach, Supervise, Volunteer, Manage, Organize or Officiate Youth Sport.


School Sport:

  • The PHO Order did not reference School Sport.
  • For information on School Sport please contact:


  • Spectators (19+) for children, youth and adult indoor sport must show proof of vaccination. The previous exemption for events under 50 people is no longer in place for sport.
    • We have raised the question about youth 12 to 21 years spectating and if they are exempt from showing proof of vaccination.

Records of Vaccination:

  • Clubs, Event Organizers are allowed to keep written records of proof of vaccination from participants, as long as they have written consent from the participant to do so. These records may only be kept for the purposes of confirming that a participant has been vaccinated, and can be kept until this Order expires or is repealed.

Verifying and Managing Proof of Vaccination:

  • BC Athletics Members – Member of BC Athletics Clubs
    • BC Athletics Members Clubs are responsible for:
      • Verifying proof of vaccination along with Government issued photo identification.
      • Maintaining a copy, if they have written consent from the participant, of the proof of vaccination.
        • Note: if the club has consent to retain a copy of Proof of Vaccination, that can be:
          • A paper copy
          • Email copy
          • Other means that replicate the Proof of Vaccination
        • Note: if the club does not have consent to retain a copy or does not wish to retain a copy of the Proof of Vaccination, it is recommended that the club:
          • Maintain a list of members who have provided Proof of Vaccination
  • Unattached BC Athletics Members inclusive of:
    • Coaches 19 yrs of age and older Coaching Youth 21 yrs old & younger
    • Athletes/Members 22 yrs of age and older as required
    • Officials of any age
      • Who, as per the Provincial Health Order, are required to show Proof of Vaccination (see Sport Specific items 1, 2, 3 above).
  • Unattached Members must provide the Proof of Vaccination and Government issued Photo Identification , as required under items 1, 2, & 3 above to BC Athletics can upload this information at  Unattached Members – Proof of Vaccination
    • Note: Please indicate on the form - yes or no - if you give permission/consent to BC Athletics to retain a copy of your Proof of Vaccination.
  • Capacity restrictions: The Provincial Health Order has now removed indoor capacity restrictions; however, regional restrictions still currently apply in Fraser East, Interior Health and Northern Health (east of Kitwanga). When deciding which restrictions apply, always follow whichever is strictest.
  • Facility exemptions: The previous exemption for ice rinks is no longer in place. For public pools, the exemption still applies except for events including organized sport activities.


Health Orders change frequently and without notice, this is not legal advice and does not provide an interpretation of the law. In the event of any conflict or difference between this webpage and the order, the order is correct and legal and must be followed. 


Thank you for your continued support and compliance with the Provincial Health Orders.



BC Athletics Board of Directors and Staff.