BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #3

BC Athletics Update - Coronavirus (COVID 19) - #3

March 16, 2020

One thing you can always count on is CHANGE!

Further to the BC Athletics Updates #1 and #2 – we have received more information, orders and advisories relative to Gatherings and individuals returning from foreign countries – including the USA.

In addition we have updated the list of Runs; Races; Track & Field Meets; Workshops, Courses and Training for Coaches and Officials, Camps – Provincial and National that have been cancelled or postponed.

Please continue to be vigilant and informed through the British Columbia and Canada Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information links:

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Government of British Columbia Class Order (Mass Gatherings) re: COVID-19

Public Health Act TO ORDER as follows:

You are prohibited from permitting the gathering of people in excess of 50 people at a place of which you are the owner, occupier or operator, or for which you are otherwise responsible.

This Order expires on May 30, 2020 and is subject to revision, cancellation or extension by me (Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer).

Click her to see the complete Public Health Order

BC Athletics - Event Cancellations or Postponements in BC and Outside of British Columbia

  • < > If an event is not listed here as being cancelled or postponed, please contact the Event Organizer through the contact information on the BC Athletics Calendar of Events.

Road and Trail Race Event Cancellations / Postponements

  • March 21 – Chuck-a-nut 50k – Bellingham – Postponed, date TBD

  • March 22 – Heights Fiver – Prince George – Postponed, date TBD

  • April 5 – Prince Rupert Half Marathon

  • April 11 – Corvallis Marathon – Postponed, date TBD

  • April 11 – Diez Vista 50k – Port Moody – Postponed, date TBD

  • April 19 – Vancouver Sun Run

  • April 25 – Nimble Bear 50k, 25k, 10k – Kelowna – Postpone, date TBD

  • April 26 – TC10k

  • April 26 - Marathon Shuffle 29k, 12k

  • April 24-26 – Eugene Marathon – Cancelled or Postponed.

  • May 3 – BMO Vancouver Marathon

    Track & Field Event Cancellations

  • March 16-20, 2020 - Vancouver Thunderbirds FREE Spring Break Camp – West
  • March 16-20, 2020 - Vancouver Thunderbirds FREE Spring Break Camp – EAST
  • March 21-22, 2020 – Cdn Indoor Track & Field Championships – Montreal, QC
  • March 28-29, 2020 - UBC Open – Vancouver, BC
  • March 29, 2020 – Emilie Mondor Invitational Meet – Surrey, BC
  • April 3-4, 2020 - Stanford Invitational Track and Field Meet – Palo Alto, CA
  • April 11, 2020 - Fraser Valley High School Invitational Track Meet – Surrey, BC
  • April 16 – 18, 2020 – Mt SAC Relays – Walnut, CA
  • May 16, 2020 – Junior Olympics – Surrey, BC

Camps – Warm Weather Training

  • March 14 – BC Athletics Sprints / Jumps Development Camp

  • March 19 – 25 BC Athletics Sprint/Jumps Warm Weather Camp – Las Vegas, NV

  • March 19 – 27 BC Athletics Sprint/Jumps Warm Weather Camp – Tucson, AZ

    Athletics Canada Updates, Cancellations of Camps / Events

See: Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory/Guidance – Posted 12 March 2020

  • Athletics Cd updates

    • Athletics Canada is doing its part in social distancing
      • Posted on: 15 March 2020

        • Athletics Canada is doing its part in social distancing. As such, please note that the national office is closed at least until Monday, April 6. 

        • All operations are continuing with staff working from home. 

        • To reach Athletics Canada, call 613-260-5580 or visit https://athletics.ca/federation/staff/

  • Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory / Guidance – March 16, 2020

ISPARC Cancellations
-         I·SPARC Suspending Programs and Events Due to Health Concerns over COVID-19

A Message from viaSport BC

Dear sector leaders:
As you are probably aware, the Province has issued recommendations regarding COVID-19 response in British Columbia. Effective immediately, all event organizers are directed to postpone or cancel any gathering larger than 50 people. This includes indoor and outdoor sporting events, conferences, meetings, religious gatherings or other similar events. Public health authorities have selected this threshold to allow for recommended social distancing to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.

As citizens and sport organizations, there are a number of steps that we can take to ensure the safety of both ourselves, our colleagues, our participants, and our communities.

  1. Organizers of events with more than 50 attendees are directed to cancel those events effective immediately. Updated March 16, 2020.
  2. Organizers of events of 50 or less attendees should use risk-informed decision-making for mass gatherings to determining whether or not to proceed with an event, including considering:
    • the population attending, including those who have travelled outside of Canada, including the United States, during the 14 days previous to the event date;
    • the event activities;
    • crowding;
    • event duration;
    • event resources; and
    • the overall viability of a successful event if attendance and participation numbers are reduced.
  3. Workplace recommendations from health authorities on reducing the spread of illness, includes:
    • avoid shaking hands;
    • avoid sharing food or drinks;
    • cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, such as equipment, office supplies and door handles;
    • providing hand sanitizer dispensers in prominent locations; and
    • consider offering the option for staff to work from home.

The Province of British Columbia reminds us that these are temporary measures required to protect the health of the public at this critical time. They will be reassessing these conditions on an ongoing basis as it evolves, and I will keep you informed with regular updates as necessary.

Charlene Krepiakevich
CEO, viaSport British Columbia

For more information:
The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control provides updates and helpful information on their website.
Guidance on mass gatherings
Common questions about COVID-19 from Healthlink BC
Recommendations on protecting yourself and your community.
COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and planning materials
For more information and latest updates on COVID-19, follow the BC Centre for Disease Control on Twitter @CDCofBC or visit its website


BC Government Orders and Tips for event organizers and attendees at events include:

  • Gatherings of more than 50 people in total are by BC Government Order cancelled.
    • The Total # of 50 includes Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers, Event Organizers, Facility Staff and Spectators.
  • Individuals who travel outside of Canada which extends to the U.S. and that anyone who chooses to leave the country and return to Canada must stay home from work or school for 14 days / Self quarantine for 14 days.
  • Do not attend the event if you are sick or not feeling well.
  • Do not attend the event if you have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus.
  • Do not attend the event if you have recently returned to Canada from countries that have experienced outbreaks of the virus, resulting quarantines or for which the Govt of Canada has issued Travel Advisories on.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly – singing at least 2 verses of Happy Birthday (approx. 20 seconds or more)
  • Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer if Soap and Water are not readily available.
  • Encourage people and give them space to clean their hands regularly — organizers of the World Rugby Sevens tournament implemented in Vancouver this past weekend. 
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugs – instead replace with Elbow Bumps and Virtual Embraces.
  • Coughing or Sneezing – do so into a Tissue and discard it. Wash your hands immediately afterward
  • Cough or Sneeze into your Elbow or Sleeve.
  • Avoid touching your face or the face of others.

Helping and Connecting to Others:

  1. This situation is not normal nor one that the majority of us have not experienced before.

  2. Help each other cope and manage this situation by connecting by phone, email, text messages or write a letter. It is important to support and respect each other.

  3. If you know someone who may need assistance, connect with them and see if you can help them out – i.e. shopping for groceries and other necessary supplies.

  4. For agency support, see Athletics Canada COVID-19 Advisory / Guidance – March 16, 2020

  5. Stay positive and do what you can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

BC Athletics Staff are working from home and can be reached as follows:

  • Sam Collier – sam.collier(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-946-0842

  • Jen Brown, Coaching Education Coord – jennifer.brown(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3558

  • Chris Winter, T&F Technical Mgr – chris.winter(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3555

  • Sabrina Nettey, Introductory Programs Coordinator – sabrina.nettey(at)bcathletics.org

  • Clif Cunningham, Rd/XC Technical Mgr – clifton.cunningham(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3553

  • Brian McCalder, President/CEO – brian.mccalder(at)bcathletics.org – ph: 604-333-3552

BC Athletics appreciates that this may be a lot to consider and adjust to but it is important that collectively we do what we can to help limit the impact of the virus.

We hope this is helpful. Please contact the BC Athletics Office – brian.mccalder@bcathletics.org / 604-333-3552 if you have further questions or need clarification on any of the information provided.

Thank you for your help and understanding during this time.


Brian McCalder,

President/CEO, BC Athletics