New Sport Health Orders Effective July 1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021

  • Participant Group size limits have been removed. Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Spectators group size 5,000 or 50% of venue capacity. Inside 50 or 50% of venue capacity.
  • Must comply with any additional restrictions that may be asked of by the venue/facility owner, including participant and spectator group sizes.
  • Masks are not required Outside, on or off the field of play. Inside, masks are not required on field of play, recommended for those over 12 that are not fully vaccinated.
  • Physical distancing is not required on or off the field of play.
  • Documentation of health checks and of attendees are not required.
  • All events should have a Work Safe BC Communicable Disease Prevention Plan.
    • Monitor orders and guidance that are issued and updated.
    • Provide or have available, hand-hygiene facilities.
    • Routine cleaning of touch points.
    • Ventilation of spaces.
    • If someone is sick, encourage them to stay home.

In addition, BC Athletics recommends:

  • Respect the space of others and provide distancing if asked.
  • Respect each other’s comfort levels and right to wear a mask if desired.
  • Efforts to minimize the grouping of individuals.
  • Efforts to minimize the number of touch points.
  • Allow for the spacing of individuals relative to their comfort levels.
  • Keep registration information of participants on hand for 30 days (event registration data).
  • Remind everyone to perform self-health checks and stay home if not feeling well.
  • COVID waivers are still required for the 2021 season! To have resent, please email

Subject to change based on the application of the PHO Order to Sport. Please see the viaSport website as it is updated to reflect Return to Sport Restart Phase 3.0