Congratulations to our BC Athletics Recipients of the 2022 Community NCCP Coach Developer Awards!

The most deserving and influential National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Coach Developers in Canada are honoured annually by the Coaching Association of Canada with the Community NCCP Coach Developer Awards. These awards recognize outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond to inspire and develop NCCP coaches in their community.

We are proud to announce that included among the 2022 recipients across Canada are Barb Vida (Vancouver), Mike Van Tighem (Summerland), and Jennifer Schutz (Vancouver) for their work in the sport of Athletics and Coach Education.

Barb Vida

Barb Vida has been an integral part of the BC Athletics Coach Developer team for 20 years. As a certified learning facilitator, coach evaluator, master coach developer, Barb has supported an innumerable number of coaches and coach developers across the province at all levels and disciplines of our sport. Barb approaches her role with respect, passion and dedication and goes above and beyond to ensure that each coach feels welcomed and supported.

Coach Testimony: 
“Every step of the way, Barb was so encouraging and positive to ensure that I had all the support and clarity that I needed to complete and submit my portfolio and have a successful practice and competition evaluation […] She is known for her big smile and infectious positivity that she brings wherever she goes, and genuinely cares for each coach/student that she works with and is invested in each individual’s personal success. She is one of the most generous and hardworking people I know, and I am constantly in awe of what she has achieved and the legacy she has created.”

Mike Van Tighem

Mike Van Tighem has been a highly regarded national endurance coach, mentor, and coach developer in Canada since 1995, and continues to be an instrumental leader within our coach development pathway. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge, respect, professionalism and humor to his teaching and has a unique ability to connect with each coach that he interacts with. He is a highly resourceful mentor to any coach both in, and out of the classroom.

Coach Testimony:
“The process of being evaluated can be a stressful endeavour, but Mike made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience – it was a collaborative learning opportunity which allowed me to grow as a coach.  The ease in which discussions occurred, the respectful interactions, his thoughtful questions, and innovation were so greatly appreciated. […] I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Mike as an evaluator.  His wealth of knowledge and his willingness to share went above and beyond that of an evaluator to that of a mentor and I am grateful for that experience.”

Jennifer Schutz

Jennifer Schutz has provided exceptional facilitation and support to both the athletics and multi-sport coach education pathway at all levels of coaching, notably advancing education within Para-Athletics. As a former Coach Education Coordinator at BC Athletics, she has made a significant contribution to the development of coach education in both BC and Canada. Jen continues to inspire coaches and coach developers across all sports to provide significant community impacts.

Coach Testimony:
“I've had the pleasure of working with Jen Schutz as a mentor and as a colleague. Jen models all the Kozes and Posner and NCCP leadership behaviors in everything that she does. Her ethical example is one to be followed. She not only values education but proves its value in her coaching practice. And she does all of this with an infectious enthusiasm that is highly contagious. Any recognition that Jen gets for her work as a coach and educator is well deserved.”

From the CAC

“Barb, Mike and Jennifer are an invaluable resources and mentors for aspiring coaches,” said Evelyn Anderson, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications at the Coaching Association of Canada. “We are honoured to present them with a 2022 Community NCCP Coach Developer Award in recognition of the considerable time and energy they have invested into developing and educating NCCP coaches. Their work has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on their sport community.”

These awards will be presented at our Annual BC Athletics Awards Banquet in February, 2023.

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