Katie Miyazaki to Lead the BC Athletics Para-Athletics Program

BC Athletics – Para-Athletics Recruitment and Development Project

BC Athletics with support from the Canada Post Community Foundation will embark on a year-long project dedicated to improving the programming and services for Para-Athletics in British Columbia. The project involves connecting with BC Athletics Member Clubs, Athletics Canada, Schools, BC Disability Sport Organizations and Events with a focus on:

  • Capacity Building
  • Coach Education
  • Officials Education
  • Accessing / Inviting / Recruitment
  • Participation / Competition Opportunities
  • High Performance Para-Athletics Program

The program will align with the Athletics Canada initiatives for Para-Athletics Development and support the objective of increased recruitment and retention of new Para Athletes into the sport of Athletics.

Leading this project is Katie Miyazaki whose extensive background in multiple sports and six plus years working with Wheelchair Basketball provides her with a wealth of information and knowledge relating to Para Integration with mainstream sport. Her work and experience in disability sport at provincial, national and international levels makes her an ideal person to lead this project and assist clubs and events in being able to deliver Para-Athletics programs and services for those in their BC community and region.

"BC Athletics is very grateful for the support provided through the Canada Post Community Foundation to makes this project possible", said Brian McCalder, President/CEO. "This is a key part of buildiing awareness and capacity in Communities, Clubs, Schools  and Events and as a result providing opportunities for individuals throughout British Columbia to access the sport of Athletics. This is an important step forward for Athletics in British Columbia. Most importantly we are very fortunate to have Katie lead this project and bring her knowledge and experience together with her commitment to Para Sport to Athletics.", concluded McCalder.

Kate can be reached by Email: katie.miyazaki@bcathletics.org

The Para Athletics Project gets underway on March 1, 2021 and is based out of the BC Athletics Office - 3713 Kensington Avenue, Suite 2001-B, Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7

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For Information please contact:

E: brian.mccalder@bcathletics.org  

P: 604-333-3552