When to catch all the BC Olympic Athletes in Action!

Athletics at the Olympics kicks off on ThursdayJuly 29th and don't miss any of the action of our fantastic BC Athletes!

Events are being streamed on CBC Gem, CBC.ca and the CBC Olympics app. Watch the live link at https://www.cbc.ca/player/sports/olympics/live

CBC's LiveTV and Streaming Schedules can be found by clicking on each.

Schedule subject to changes at the Games.




Thursday, July 29 - 5:15pm PT

Men’s High Jump – Qualification 

Michael Mason

Thursday, July 29 - 5:30pm PT

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase – Round 1

John Gay

Thursday, July 29 - 6:25pm PT

Women’s 800m – Round 1

Lindsey Butterworth

Saturday, July 31 - 4:50am PT

Women’s 800m – Semi Final

Lindsey Butterworth

Saturday, July 31 - 5:10pm PT

Women’s Hammer Throw – Qualification 

Camryn Rogers

Saturday, July 31 - 5:40pm PT

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase – Round 1

Regan Yee

Alycia Butterworth

Saturday, July 31 - 5:50pm PT

Women’s Long Jump – Qualification

Christabel Nettey

Sunday, August 1 - 3:10am PT

Men’s High Jump Final

Michael Mason

Sunday, August 1 - 5:35pm PT

Women’s 1500m – Round 1 

Natalia Hawthorn

Monday, August 2 - 5:15am PT

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase – Final

John Gay

Monday, August 2 - 5:20pm PT

Women’s Javelin Throw – Qualification

Elizabeth Gleadle

Monday, August 2 - 6:50pm PT

Women’s Long Jump – Final

Christabel Nettey

Tuesday, August 3 - 4:00am PT

Men’s 5000m – Round 1

Lucas Bruchet

Tuesday, August 3 - 4:35am PT

Women’s Hammer Throw – Final

Camryn Rogers

Tuesday, August 3 - 5:25am PT

Women’s 800m – Final  

Lindsey Butterworth

Tuesday, August 3 - 5:35pm PT

Women’s Heptathlon – 100m Hurdles

Georgia Ellenwood

Tuesday, August 3 - 6:35pm PT

Women’s Heptathlon – High Jump

Georgia Ellenwood

Wednesday, August 4 - 3:00am PT

Women’s 1500m – Semi Final

Natalia Hawthorn

Wednesday, August 4 - 3:05am PT

Women’s Heptathlon – Shot Put  

Georgia Ellenwood

Wednesday, August 4 - 4:00am PT

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase – Final

Regan Yee

Alycia Butterworth

Wednesday, August 4 - 4:30am PT

Women’s Heptathlon – 200m

Georgia Ellenwood

Wednesday, August 4 - 5:40pm PT

Women’s Heptathlon – Long Jump

Georgia Ellenwood

Wednesday, August 4 - 7:30pm PT

Men’s 4x100m Relay – Round 1

Jerome Blake

Wednesday, August 4 - 8:30pm PT

Women’s Heptathlon – Javelin Throw

Georgia Ellenwood

Thursday, August 5 - 5:20am PT

Women’s Heptathlon – 800m 

Georgia Ellenwood

Thursday, August 5 - 1:30pm PT

Men’s 50km Race Walk  

Evan Dunfee

Friday, August 6 - 4:50am PT

Women’s Javelin Throw – Final  

Elizabeth Gleadle

Friday, August 6 - 5:00am PT

Men’s 5000m – Final

Lucas Bruchet

Friday, August 6 - 5:50am PT

Women’s 1500m – Final   

Natalia Hawthorn

Friday, August 6 - 6:50am PT

Men’s 4x100m Relay – Final

Jerome Blake

Friday, August 6 - 3:00pm PT

Women’s Marathon

Dayna Pidhoresky

Natasha Wodak

Malindi Elmore

Saturday, August 7th - 3:00pm PT

Men’s Marathon  

Cameron Levins

Ben Preisner

Our friends at Athletics Illustrated have compiled the full schedule of Olympic Athletics competitions.

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