2018 Vancouver Spirit Run Frank Reynolds Bursary

Attention all Grade 12 Student-Athletes! The Vancouver Spirit Run, Sponsored by ASICS, is currently accepting applications for their Frank Reynolds Bursary. The application window for this award will close at midnight on Friday February 23, 2018.

This award is administered by the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Spirit Run and financed from the proceeds of the Vancouver Spirit Run and support from their sponsors. Eligible applicants must be residents of BC and be matriculating students progressing to post-secondary study.  The $500.00 Bursaries are awarded to individual(s) who have: demonstrated exceptional ability and show considerable promise in Track and Field, Road Running, or Cross Country Running (Athletics), demonstrate financial need, have attained an acceptable academic record, and have demonstrated qualities of character, leadership, and volunteering.

The award amount is based on available funding from the Vancouver Spirit Run. ($500.00 minimum)

Applicants must:

  1. Submit a brief biographical letter noting family background, educational history, future plans, as well as career or vocational aspirations.
  2. Provide (3) three letters of reference: one from each of teacher/counselor, Athletics coach and one other appropriate source.
  3. Submit a verified statement of marks.
  4. Complete and submit the accompanying application and Athletics Achievements form.  Contact vancouverspiritrun@gmail.com to receive the bursary application form.

The award(s) will be announced in April of each year.

The award(s) will be paid directly to the selected student-athlete.  It may be used for school or athletic purposes.

Applications should be submitted to vancouverspiritrun@gmail.com


About The Vancouver Spirit Run:

The 2018 Vancouver Spirit Run, sponsored by ASICS, is set for September 23rd, 2018 at Jericho Beach Park. The Vancouver Spirit Run, part of the Vancouver Sun Run Series, is a Cross Country and Trail running event featuring something for everyone at Jericho Beach Park. It is the realization of the late coach Frank Reynolds’ vision to have a mass participation cross country event while encouraging and supporting British Columbia High School and University athletes through charitable donations and scholarship programs.

“I believe that sport teaches you what is really worthwhile in life and how much you can get out of hard work, sacrifice, and commitment”. – Frank Reynolds

For more information about The Vancouver Spirit Run, visit www.vancouverspiritrun.com