BC Teams set for Canadian Cross Country Championships

The following athletes will represent BC in the inter-provincial team competition at the Canadian Cross Country Championships in Kingston on Saturday. But a number of other BC athletes will also be competing, and we wish everyone the very best.

Last years team returned with 5 individual medals, and team awards in every age group.

Catch the action live on http://www.athleticscanada.tv/, starting at 6:00am on the west coast.

Race Schedule

Entry Lists

BC Teams

Athlete Club Coach
Youth Girls    
Olivia Willett Unattached Rick Willett
Taryn O'Neill Okanagan Athletics Malindi Elmore
Georgia Ginther Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Justine Stecko Prairie Inn Harriers Bruce Deacon
Madison Heisterman Nanaimo T&F Tyler Heisterman
Grace Fetherstonhaugh City Track Sean Dixon
Youth Boys    
Tyler Dozzi Prairie Inn Harriers Bruce Deacon
Dawson Ribeiro Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Liam Foster Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Angus Brown Prairie Inn Harriers Bruce Deacon
Roberto Pelayo-Mazzone Vancouver Thunderbirds Chris Johnson
Charlie Dannatt Hershey Harriers Darcie Montgomery / Cindy O'Krane
Junior Women    
Hannah Bennison Okanagan Athletics Malindi Elmore
Christina Sevsek Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Joanna Williams Langley Mustangs / TWU Mark Bomba
Julie Sevsek Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Veronika Fagan UBC Okanagan Colin Wallace
Mikaela Smart Langley Mustangs / TWU Mark Bomba
Junior Men    
Nickolas Colyn Langley Mustangs / TWU Mark Bomba
Chet Goerzen Okanagan Athletics / UVic Malindi Elmore / Brent Fougner
Kieran Lumb UBC Chris Johnson
Alexander Nemethy Prince George T& F / UVic Brent Fougner
Joshua Kozelj Coquitlam Cheetahs / UVic Paul Self / Brent Fougner
Sean Bergman Okanagan  Athletics / UBC Malindi Elmore / Chris Johnson
Senior Women    
Lisa Brooking TWU Mark Bomba
Rachel Cliff Vancouver Thunderbirds Richard Lee
Alycia Butterworth Unattached  
Robyn Mildren Vancouver Thunderbirds Chris Johnson
Chloe Hegland UVic Brent Fougner
Lindsey Butterworth Valley Royals Brit Townsend
Senior Men    
Justin Kent Coastal Track Club Richard Lee
Declan White Coastal Track Club / TWU Scott Kent / Mark Bomba
Lucas Bruchet Vancouver Thunderbirds Richard Lee
Jesse Hooton UBC Chris Johnson
Ryan Brockerville Coastal Track Club Brit Townsend
Theo Hunt Vancouver Thunderbirds Richard Lee
Masters Women    
Nicki Haugan Unattached  
Jill Delane VFAC John Hill
Masters Men    
Jerry Ziak Unattached  
Graham Cocksedge Unattached  
Craig Odermatt Prairie Inn Harriers Jim Finlayson
Tyler Ginther Coastal Track Club Scott Kent
Jennifer Schutz Unattached Head Coach
Chris Napier Unattached Team Manager
Malindi Elmore Okanagan Athletics Assistant Coach
Randy Longmuir Oceanside Assistant Coach
Kim Longmuir Oceanside Assistant Coach
Darcie Montgomery Hershey Harriers Assistant Coach